Mon. May 29th, 2023

One of the most appetizing players in the transfer market in League of Legends has just confirmed his arrival at a new team. The talented South Korean Midland Along Chevy Typhoon leaves Hanna Life Esports and will ride on Gen. G, as it had been filtered a few days ago. After competing on the worlds of this year, Chevy will come out of an economically powerful team, but that he has not been able to build a great template around him.

The team born of Samsung Galaxy ash has been announcing the signings that make a really powerful quintet, since the leaks are true and have contracted Moran and Peanut for the team, as well as Ruler and Legends in the lower lane. Gen. G would seek to create a team with chances of winning the title and doing what Hanna Life could not: surround Chevy well.

Gen. G supplies a BDD to be departed to Longship Red force, hoping to achieve a better position in LACK than the respectable second and third place of this 2021 at the spring and summer seasons, respectively. The jump that is sought is that of being champion, and from the technical team it has been chosen to keep only the reputed ADC Ruler.

Chovy Joining #GEN.G Superteam, #Canna Leaves #T1 | 2022 LoL Offseason
The LACK is waiting for the latest templates, but knowing that Faker will continue in T1 to have renewed his contract. Both he and Chevy will be two of the main alternatives to the domain he has been exercising for two years at the League of Korean Shoemaker and his Damon Kia.

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