Mon. May 29th, 2023

Pale Poetic, known in the area of ​​the League of Professional Legends as Poppa, has died at 23 years due to complications derived from a COVID-19 infection. The Decent of the Serbian player occurred on Tuesday, November 23, without having transcended until the official Twitter account of the Balkan League has made it official through a statement in which they transmitted the sad news to the community.

Always candidate to ascend to the highest category of the European League of Legends, Poppa Performance in Spain a good part of the career of it. Passed by Asus Dog Army, GIYF, Vodafone Giants and Mad Lions Having managed to raise a title of Superior and an Iberian Cup. Trajectory of Trotamundos for a player who placed Serbia on the competitive map and became the first player of his country to reach the first position of the European server classification, opening his way to the talents of the region.

Recounted by all the clubs in which he has gone as a great professional and an endearing person, the visa problems were introduced in his career as a professional player on numerous occasions. He could even have finished in Team Solo mid, but the impossibility of joining the team due to these difficulties in the bureaucratic procedures caused a break between the player and the organization.

The rebound of COVID-19 cases in Europe over the past few weeks has been remarkable. In Serbia, country of origin of Poppa, only 44.8% of the population has received the complete pattern of the injectable. A situation that makes collective vaccination especially vulnerable and that translates into hundreds of daily deaths.

COVID-19 cases surge in Europe
Rest in peace, Poppa.

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