Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Important and huge structures have already been manifested in the world of Minecraft. Nevertheless, the mammoth project of a fan stands out clearly. This builds for the full five years on a road that can certainly make true competition in their length of the famous Chinese protective system.

The 10 kilometers long Minecraft road

With huge buildings in Minecraft are not heated, the creative community is surpassing himself again and again. While most, most built him, the mega project is impressive from this fan rather through its length.

The Reddit User MattyCarl divides in a four-minute video its over ten kilometers long road in the Survival Game. Although he does not beat the real Chinese wall for a long time, it can clearly impress in Minecraft ratios (for all those interested in: the Chinese Wall is 6,260 kilometers).

To conjure this amazing length in the sandbox game, Magical has spent five years with the construction. In Quick run and accompanied by crazy beats, he shows the entire route including your many details:

The track leads past the different diodes, sometimes on bridges over water, sometimes underground, through larger cities and past nice sights.

Of course, these were also created by MattyCarl. Once you even discover an interesting submarine, at 02:24 you can even see the first building, which MattyCarl has ever built on the server. It is the squeak green wool building, which is even older than the Mega Street. The construction started the creator in the year 2012 with delicate eleven years, meanwhile he is 21.

Reddit celebrates the mega project

On Reddit, the community is particularly enthusiastic about the chic video and donates the builder whole 40,000 up votes.

A user notes that the changes in the environment with the course of the time prevailing versions of Minecraft reflects — which is pretty cool.

My 5 Years of Minecraft Hardcore (Montage)

The different substrates and edge buildings like lanterns are praised several times. A user jokes that MattyCarl should place a Nettherportal at the end of the route, so that it becomes highway to light.

In the thread, Magical even reveals that he has composed the underplayed pop song itself. He has published the track extra on request in a YouTube video.

Not each structure is as impressive as this, proving the following picture track:

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