Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

In Real Life Streams (IRL) can be unpredictable, especially when a streamer interacts with its surroundings. Sometimes outside people feel simply provoked from the filming camera and grab steamer.

In the case of IRL Twitch Streamer Jamonitmac, he was on his nocturnal walk through the streets of San Francisco, as he possibly witnessed a burglary. Pay attention to the person in the following clip on the person who stands at the left edge of the picture.

Streamer takes tried burglary live

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It looks like when two men are trying to break into the store, in the background one hears how seemingly striking the grating of the store.

Luckily for Mack, the two men who tried to get to the store not to notice him. What the hell does the guy do? Mack asked his stream as he went on, but looked over his shoulder. Break the guys in the store? Wait.

The streamer quickly crossed the road before he was out of sight and chose the emergency call. After talking to the police, the streamer explained that he knows the owner of the store, since he himself often bakes there.

Were the burglars caught?

Since the end of his stream, the streamer has not released updates to the events on his social media pages. So we have to wait and see what he says, next time he goes live.


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