Mon. May 29th, 2023

The Russian Chess World Master Garry Kasparov arrived several times in competitions with tournament period against chess programs. In the 1980s he had claimed he will never be defeated by a chess program. In 1989, he played against the IBM-built computer Deep Thought two games, which he both won. In 1996, Kasparov defeated his followers Deep Blue in a match over six games with 4: 2, but lost with the 1st competition as the first chess world champion at all under tournament conditions against a chess program. The following year, Kasparov Deep Blue finally lost in the rematch with 2.5: 3.5.

The following mini-Doku shows how the chess large master is prepared for another type of show match. I really liked to learn and play Hearthstone (now €0,00), and not only because I like games and new challenges. The most fascinating is the semi-open system of Hearthstone, which is from the Closed systems of most other games such as chess distinguishes. In Hearthstone, the dynamics of new cards constantly brings fresh wind and new tactical and strategic elements. So the value of old cards and decks does not remain the same, said the chess big and former world champion. This changing game landscape makes Hearthstone hard to master, but very captivating.

Have fun watching!

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