Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss do it again: they fall into the matrix again. We maybe in the future too? So with the game pad in the hand? A leak indicates. In the PSN backend, such a Redditor, a product names The Matrix Awakens appeared. It should be an Unreal Engine 5 experience. What it could have on it is here to learn here.

A matrix game for PS5?

New Matrix Game Leaked - Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Experience

It’s about it: On Reddit, User The and shrew has reported from an interesting find from the PSN backend. There, a product called The Matrix Awakens has surfaced. It should be an Unreal Engine 5 experience for the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately it was already with the information.

What could mean that? Of course it could be a matrix game in the new Unreal Engine. It would not be the first. In 2003, for example, Enter The Matrix for PS2, Xbox and Game cube and 2005 The Matrix appeared: Path of Neo for PS2 and Xbox.

The lactic advertising slogan suggests that the new title relies on photorealistic graphics. But it could also be that the project is mainly around this.

Namely, it does not necessarily have to be a game: The title Unreal Engine 5 experience unfortunately leaves many questions open. So you should first be careful with your hopes, because it could also be a different kind of cross-media cooperation. Finally, the new movie The Matrix Resurrections appears at the end of the month.

In addition, this leak — as usual — is not official information, and we can not say how reliable them are generally.

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When do we learn more? with a little luck soon. On 9 December, the Game Awards will take place in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Geoff Kafka not only brings an orchestra, the award ceremony and star guests with, but also has 40 to 50 games in his own statement. Among them, some new announcements will be. Possibly we are latterly what the new matrix project is concerned.

Have you played earlier matrix titles, and would you like a new game for the PS5?

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