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It’s almost time to close the year 2021, and at the same time to celebrate the games that marked the last twelve months. OK, it’s true that most large customers have switched expected to plan 2022, but that does not mean that players have turned thumbs. On second thought, it’s also a long time we have not experienced such excitement before opening the voting. For this year, those are the players that Gamut designate the Gamut Awards 2021. You probably know already the process, but we remind you: from today until Wednesday, December 15 at 23:59, you will to choose your favorite category after category. It is open to all provided they are registered (for free) on the site. And as usual, you can count on a beautiful plateau ceremony to unveil the identity of the winners. Good vote!

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You do not change a formula that has proven itself, but for those who discover the year, this is an opportunity to recall the outline. For this 13th edition of the Awards Gamut, you will find all categories in place for two years. There are many, it is true that some abuse, but the advantage is that you can take the time to fill categories until the end of the vote, which will be closed on 15 December 23: 59. Nothing prevents you from returning regularly on your profile to make additions or corrections to the categories that you would have missed out.

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Other reforms made last year: most categories are open, which leaves you time to draw from games that do not figure in our suggestions. Like every year, you will not only align your five favorite games of the year, a ranking that has its importance since the coefficients apply: GOT your mark more points than the places of honor, just to give it all the importance it deserves the time to compile the results. The Guilty Pleasure and disappointment of the year are the ones totally free choice.

We took the opportunity to remind the passing palmier of 2020, which saw Hades beat to the punch all other contenders. A vote hailed by developers Super giant Games, with the key to an exclusive dedicated reader Gamut illustration. So who among the favorites eventually come off this year? What unbearable suspense.

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Game of the Year






Guilty pleasure

Cyberpunk 2077

PC, PS4, One, Stadia, PS5Xbox X | S

Disappointment of the Year

Cyberpunk 2077

PC, PS4, One, Stadia, PS5Xbox X | S

Price 8K HDR + technical slap

Demon’s Souls


Artistic Shock of the Year


PC, Switch, One, Xbox X | S PS4PS5

Stéphane Plaza Gold Level Design

Demon’s Souls


Best (s) character (s)

The Last of Us Part II


Game More Better Writing

The Last of Us Part II


Best Newcomer 2020

Call of the Sea

PC, Xbox X | S, One, PS5PS4

Price of the original concept

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit


Gold Disc and the soundtrack Platinum

Final Fantasy VII Remake


Best Sound Design

The Last of Us Part II


Better monitoring of a game released

No Man’s Sky

PS4, PC, One, PS5Xbox X | S

Best Multiplayer game

Among Us

PC, Switch, One, Xbox X | S PS4PS5

Price (group) the ultimate gaming apéritif

Streets of Rage 4

PC, Switch, PS4XONE

Virtual Reality Medal

Half-Life: Alex


Price Just a Finger mobile game

Genshin Impact

AND, IP, PC, PS4, SwitchPS5

Publisher of the Year

Sony Interactive Entertainment

950 games

Platform of the Year


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