Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Netflix, such as global OUT, has been made to participate in fund payments for domestic content industry development, and claims that the content creator needs to ensure additional revenue to ensure additional revenue.

Recent Netflix Exclusive Content Squid Games recorded the first place in the past, even though it was recorded for the first place, it is because the additional revenue is not returned to the domestic manufacturer according to the copyright.

The National Assembly Legislation is a 7-day ‘Netflix, and the legislative and policy improvement tasks for global OUT’ reports, and in the case of platform-based transnational enterprises such as Netflix, Global OUT, which gains excess revenue through market dominance, we must contribute to public resources such as funds for domestic content industry.

Considering the political benefit of the Soft Power (cultural) perspective, the Global OUT platform is a coexistence, not only the production, distribution of domestic content, but also to build a win-win infrastructure for the infrastructure of the domestic content industry, I need to raise a policy to strengthen it.

Current broadcasting telecommunications has been limited to broadcasting operators and duration telecommunications providers that can preserve revenue from limited competition.

In the case of the requested investigation of the legislature, the requested telecommunication provider (including OUT) in the free competition market without the wall (including OUT), in the case of the domestic user’s number, I have to examine legal feasibility.

There are also rooms to collect funds through movie development funds in addition to broadcasting communication development. At this time, the funds and subjects need to be limited to a user-based paid service that is not a free service in that the subject of the collection is a user.

Legislation surveys suggest that Just be able to take advantage of the EU, such as the EU, as the EU’s case, said the Legislator, said that, In the case of the EU, as the market share can work with a large market share,

It was also presented that legalization is necessary to ensure additional compensation under an autonomous private contract.

If you see the ‘Digital Single Market Bags’ Guidelines for the copyright transfer, you must ensure that if the copyright holder will transfer copyright, the copyright holder must be guaranteed to receive proper and proportional compensation. To this end, the Member States must ensure that a person who has comprehensive information on all revenue and expectation compensation, and so on for this year, should be provided to the copyright holder. In addition, if the agreed compensation is not proportional to the post-positive profit, the Member States are specified to ensure that additional proportional processes are made.

The Lord of the November of November, the comprehensive transfer of authoring property rights to the future work last November, has been invalidated, and after five years when the transfer contract was concluded, the contractual authority has evaluated the revision of the Copyright Act that allows the Parties to terminate the contract.

The Lewis Surveyor basically respects the market autonomic principle, needs to induce expanding investment in domestic content in overseas capital, he said, It is necessary to investigate the information related to revenue for the revenue of the domestic content creators to receive fair reimbursement Explained that it is notified of a way to notify the maker and to ensure additional revenue.

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