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A new Far Cry 6 The update has been released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X along with patch notes that reveal and detail everything that Ubisoft has modified with the update. The update is one of the smaller updates of the game so far, but it has a couple of new features, although characteristics of the less important variety.

Even though it apparently not long ago, the update, which includes some new content, although not much, has a quite substantial discharge. In PC, the update is 8 GB without HD Texture Pack or 12.4 GB with HD Texture Pack. In PlayStation 4, the update is 15 to 21 GB according to the language pack. Meanwhile, the PS5 update is 22.75 GB. And for those in Xbox, the file sizes are the following: 10 GB in Xbox One, 10 GB in Xbox SERIES S and 14 GB in Xbox Series X.

Next, you can consult the official and complete patch notes of the update:

Quality of life updates

Several adjustments were made to reduce the instances in which the HUD elements would be blocked or hidden, for example, when changing the region.

When starting a special operation, the player who joins the cooperative session will now be informed of what special operation is starting.

Increase in the size of the icon and the source of the mission tracker when using the increase option for the user interface and the source scale in the View options menu.

Compatibility was added with MSI MYSTIC LIGHT RGB to the game.

New Utilities Packages — Coming on December 16:

Material package

Package of basic materials: 300 credits from Far Cry

Advanced material package: 1000 credits from Far Cry

Package of specialized materials: 2000 Far Cry credits

Package Pesos Yarn

Small Yarn Pesos Package: 300 Far Cry credits

Medium package of Yarn pesos: 500 credits from Far Cry

Large Yarn Pesos Package: 1000 credits from Far Cry

Error correction :


A problem was solved that could cause NPC models to be corrupted so that the player would join a cooperative session, after an extended cooperative game time.

A problem was solved that could cause enemies to not appear in the minimal during the special crocodile.


VANS: madness

A problem was solved that could cause the host to get stuck on a black screen after pressing Save and exit on the final score.

A problem was solved that caused self-help achievements, dear diary and Freudian Field Day do not unlock correctly after fulfilling the required conditions.

personal computer

HD texture pack: some elements appear blurred
Developer’s comment: We have made some changes for HD Texture Pack on PC that should decrease the blurring that appeared for some players when using HD Texture Pack. When examining these reports, we see that players use graphic cards with less than 12 GB of VRAM available. When HD Texture Pack is used with less than the required minimum available VRAM, the performance and appearance of the game may be worse than without the package.

A problem that caused the options Type of objective and interaction of the wheel of weapons were restored to the predetermined values ​​when restarting the game.


It was fixed a problem that could cause the DLC Veins: Insanity is not available at the closing session and log on to the same profile Xbox Live.

It solved a problem that was causing players constantly receive a message of Quit the game after restart from sleep mode.

Xbox One

Was fixed a problem that could make weapons and weapon accessories disappear.

Xbox Series X | S

It was fixed a problem that could cause the cursor to the menu screen jam in the opening pop-up window military escalation after loading a saved.

Far Cry 6 is available through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about the game, click here, in the meantime, here’s a link to our review of the game.

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