Mon. May 29th, 2023

You missed the first phase of beta organized a few weeks ago? Never mind, INK returns with a second ladle from Boston to test his combos on the King of Fighters XV, who took advantage of a passage to Game Awards to confirm a second session and a new playable character unpublished with BROKEN.

Appointment taken from December 18th to December 20th, from 4am on Saturday at 15:59 on Monday, to test his skill by composing his threesome among the eight characters unlocked for the occasion of this life-size test. This will once again be reserved for PlayStation consoles. The opportunity to take charge of Krone, the little new to sunglasses like K ‘. A k ‘that will represent the old ones as Blue Mary, Rio Okazaki and Terry Board, while Antonov, Meitenkun and Islam will bring a touch of modernity.

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The exit of the Boston game is always expected for February 17, on old and new generation salon consoles, not to mention the PC port via Steam and Epic Games Store. Still no mention of a possible Switch version at the time it is.

Video Gamut

KOF XV | 2nd OBT and KOF Newcomer KROHNEN Trailer

The King Of Fighters XV — BROKEN Trailer

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