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Rookie Blake Griffin vs Amare Stoudemire Full Highlights 2010.11.20 - a MUST WATCH DUNKATHON!!!
The complying with list of manufacturing of the Movie theater Magdeburg lists the stagings of the Magdeburg Cinema of Magdeburg after departments and periods.

That was one of the strongest opponents this season, said Magdeburg’s Amar Code following the 2-1 win against Osnabrück at Magenta sport. An assessment that Christian Ritz shared at the press conference: Specially in the first half, the VFL has delivered a good game, said the FCM coach and thanked his goalkeeper: In this phase, Reimann holds us in the game. Dominik Reimann had to ran even in the second round. There were possibilities on both sides, Ritz said. Ultimately, this was a good will from the team.

Bistro and Müller are missing locked — Banged around Overhear

A will pass, with little smaller weddings. Because already next Wednesday evening (19 clocks) the 1st FCM is demanded in the catch-up game at PSV Wicket. And with the West Saxony Dietz has to give up two players safely. First, Alexander Bistro saw his fifth yellow card, in the final phase discoverer Andreas Müller from referee Robert Schröder kept the traffic light card under his nose. I found her very hard in any case, Ritz judged the decision of the referees, but pushed behind: If he touched him, it’s yellow.

In addition, Raphael Overhear had to leave the field in the 78th minute. The right defendant was previously bent and hobbled with thick bandaged ankle from the field. Whether the 25-year-old will be available in Wicket, is not fixed yet: We have to wait first what the investigation results, said Ritz.

Injured fan must be admitted to a hospital

It also means the motto in the case of an injured fan. As Manuel Holster, who reported Head of Media & Communication at the 1st FCM on the press conference, had a fan on block 5 during the game medically looked after and delivered to a hospital afterwards. On behalf of the Whole 1st FCM, Holster wanted the trailer good improvement.

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