Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

We are in Christmas eras, and Sony knows it. To consent to the players of PlayStation, the Japanese firm will be giving free access to the multiplayer next weekend. You can enjoy the online section of many titles without having to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus, although obviously, it will be necessary to have the games you want to play.

The next 18 and 19 December, It will be possible to play things like Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty, Back 4 Blood, or any other title that has a multiplayer component without having a subscription of PS plus

The only thing you are going to need is to have an account of PSN and an Internet connection, but out of that, you can play without limits. In fact, if you are interested in renewing your PS plus membership, you can currently do it with a 50% discount thanks to this promotion.

PlayStation Is Having A Free Multiplayer Weekend
Editor’s note: I had a good time since Sony did not offer any of these free tests, but it is good to know that they have not stopped them completely. Although the vast majority of PlayStation users already has an active subscription of PS Plus, these tests also help for those who prefer Single-Player titles and may want to experiment with an online game without paying full price.

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