Mon. May 29th, 2023

The FC Schalke 04 prepares for a possible second season in the 2nd Bundesliga and apparently wants to compensate for the missing Bundesliga revenue, also reduce the employee salaries temporarily.

At the end of November, the Management Board presented the employees of the administrative models, which would lead exclusively in a second division scenario after individual and voluntary approval only in a second division scenario to a salary reduction in the coming season, the S04 board members of Christina Rühl-Hamers (finance) and Peter Label (Sport) in the build quote.

In question, only employees who exceed a specific monthly merit. This is one of many measures to serve the long-term backup of jobs, said the Schalke.

According to the report, cuts of up to 15 percent are planned. This applies to the top earners with more than 12,000 euros per month. In the salary group of 3,500 to 5,000 euros gross, however, only five percent would be.

Résumé : Schalke 04 renverse le Borussia Dortmund dans un derby complètement fou !
However, the saved funds would repay the respective employees with a Bundesliga rise 2023 — and 1.2 percent are bumping. In order for the whole thing to be implemented, 80 percent of the workforce must be agreed.

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This scenario, however, want to prevent the responsible for sports director Rouen Schröder: All those who signed on Schalke know the responsibility for the club. That’s why this is not extra motivation for us. We are all aware that it is about it To bring up Schalke again, he said at super 2 — the cult league. After the 4-1 victory against Nuremberg, S04 stands in four points four — equal to the HSV standing on the relegation place.

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