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The critics’ website Metairie has announced the worst games of the year 2021, based on the weighted average ratings of the approved critics.

The worst rated game of the year (minus all titles with less than 7 reviews) was Names Free-to-Play Football Reboot Football 2022, which has been puffing out for errors and missing features in September since its release.

Alan Wonder world by Square Enix can be found on this list. The platformer of Yuri NASA was published in March and received overwhelmingly negative reviews. The metacritic rating of the game is currently between 36 and 51.

Also, Rock stars Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, another game with unworthy publication, is on the list. The Remaster collection was published in November with a series of technical problems and contained unintentional documents in the game files, such as: B. not licensed music and developer notes.

The worst valued games of the year 2021

eFootball 2022 IS THE WORST RATED GAME IN HISTORY - Here’s Why

  1. Football 2022 (Multi) — 25
  2. Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Earth blood (PS4) — 42
  3. Alan Wonder world (Multi) — 44
  4. Of Bird and Cage (PC) — 44
  5. Demon Skin (PC) — 48
  6. Pixel junk Raiders (Stadia) — 49
  7. The Unexpected Quest (Multi) — 49
  8. Taxi Chaos (Multi) — 51
  9. Akita’s Trip: Hell bound & Debriefed (Multi) — 52
  10. Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (Multi) — 53
  11. GTA: The Trilogy — Definitive Edition (Multi) — 53
  12. Necromancy: Hired Gun (Multi) — 55

For this list, the difference between the metascores of the multiplatform games was averaged. Titles marked with asterisks are average multiplatform results.

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