Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

[Data provided: MOA Games]

Moat Games, Mobile MMORPG Self-service scheduled in the first half of 2022


— Formulation of MMORPG , Mobile MMORPG

Inadequate the original IP, 200 years ago, in 200 years,

Full 3D High-end graphic quality and optimized game system for mobile environment benefits

Moat Games announced its first development of mobile MMORPG <Trachea Infinite, which is being developed, and today (22nd), which was the first half of the year (22nd) in the first half of 2022.

is a formal subsequent of , which attracts 4.2 million pre-reserved books and concentrate hot interest. The developed by Moat Games was renovated by Mobile MMORPG, and was released through Nixon in April 2019. After launch, it rose to the second-highest sales ranking.

The , which is released this time, has included 200 years ago, with worldwide, story, background and topography, and is optimized for mobile trends. Full 3D High-end graphics via the game progressing system optimized for mobile environments can adventure the Italian continent with blood.

The story of a supernatural human , which has received the power of the power of the elf source, is being developed aimed at the first half of 2022.

Moat Games HAI Chan’s representative is I am very sorry to be able to show Trajan Infinite> to users, Tr aha Infinite> I asked for many expectations and support.

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