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It has been over a month that Epic Games and Disney have announced the arrival of Bob fat in Fortnite. Now the waiting time is almost over and the developers prepare for the debut of the famous bounty hunter in the Battle-Royale shooter.

When does Bob appear in Fortnite?

According to the then revelation Bob is fat from the 24 . December 2021 be available in the Item shop of Fortnite. An exact time is not yet available, but players should probably expect the Star Wars Figure at night. Detainees have already found that there will probably be more than just the outfit of Bob fat. In a few days with The Book of Bob Fat is the start of the new Sci-Fi series at Disney Plus.

The Book of Bob Fat from next week at Disney Plus

The first season of the solo series around the popular bounty hunter in the Star Wars Universe is from the 29 . December 2021 to see at Disney Plus. Long-standing fans may look forward to the return of Tempera Morrison in his role as Bob fat. Even the actress Mingora Wen is as Fennec Hand in the show. In the weekly rhythm, the seven episodes are published the season.

Winter fest, Spider-Man and The Matrix currently in Fortnite

Anyone who logs in the Battle Royale Shooter in the next few days may look forward to numerous gifts from Epic Games. Until January 6, 2022, a surprise can be revealed daily. Underneath new outfits, skip and more. In addition, Spider-Man and MJ from the MCU film Spider-Man: No Way Home are available in the Item Shop. Only recently items from The Matrix Resurrections have been added.

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