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A content monitoring system (CMS, German content monitoring system) is a software application for Community production, processing, organization and discussion of electronic content (content) primarily for usage in internet sites, yet additionally in various other media types. These content can contain message and multimedia papers. An author with suitable accessibility civil liberties can offer such a system in several cases without or with little programming or HTML expertise, as the majority of systems have a visual individual interface.
Special worth is put on CMS for media-neutral data storage space. For example, a content might be readily available as a PDF or as an HTML file, for instance; The styles are produced at full-dynamic systems only at the question. Normally a timeless relational data source is used to keep content (such as MySQL, PostgreSQL; which data sources are supported by a CMS is detailed in its system requirements). There are also some intricate Enterprise CMS that forgoes a classic data source. Furthermore, there are Flat documents content management systems where content is kept in documents. Along with exclusive CMS, open resource systems are widely made use of. In 2010-2020 WordPress had a market share of more than 50% listed below the Web CSS. To one of the most popular and also most commonly made use of internet CMS in the very same duration, Joomla, Typo3, Drupal, and also Shopify counted.

The content producer Range debuted on the NASDAQ market. Range has recorded a competitive rate of 2054 to 1, with a competed with a public offering, with a Hope, The first day of the listing (15,000 won) (up to 67.7% of the 67.7% higher than 26,000 won, the transaction was started. The company is a content company, which has been made in 2007 since 2007, since the ‘Sungkyunkwan scandal’, ‘How to Find’ A Day ‘,’ Lying of Lie ‘.

Along is a close companion relationship with the Com2us group, and the Com2s group is expected to be a great force to realize the vision of comprehensive content and platform companies. La Monera is the largest shareholder in the Com2us group, and is based on global content studios and expanding content IP businesses.

The Com2s Group is building its own content values ​​solid and has been consolidated to comprehensive content and platform companies. By listing on the NASDAQ market, a total of five listed companies, including Com2us Holdings, a substantial business holding company, Com2us Holdings, and a total of five listed companies from each of the expertise and organic cooperation in each field, It is expected to be executed. As of 30 days, the market capitalization of listed companies will reach 6 trillion won.

Beijing Jingdiao Group Co. Ltd.

Currently, the Com2s Group is building an ecosystem of ‘C2X (tentative) blocking body’ C2X (tentative) blocking body through technical alliances with Terra Form Lamps with infrastructure in the global market. We are securing a firm future growth engine of two axes.

The Wis wick Studio adds visual pleasure to the complex in the CG / VFX-based original content creation capabilities worldwide. ‘ENI’ is an extended reality (XR) specialist, as an experiential value to the complexes, and Range will contribute to strengthening content value. As a result, the Com2s Group has a meta-based synthetic content group with both met averse ecosystems, met averse content, and blockchain techniques that can be used in the meta bus.

Meanwhile, the Com2s Group will be able to showcase the Global Market on the Global Market. Com2us Holdings’s Development New Development New ‘Croft Holding: AFK Raid’ Finding Global Heat IP Based ‘Summer Noun: Chronicles’, Large MMORPG Using’ Gentian ‘IP ‘World of Genoa’ is in full swing. In addition, a project MR (tentative name), which is a great use of casual games, a ‘Game Bill Pro Baseball’, the best IP of the Bi Line Baseball game, Games Bill Pro Baseball, the Global Investigate of the original IP, Based on the RPG ‘Trichina Online’, the Alpha Republic’s emotional RPG’ Hi Ella ‘and Deal Sax oft’ Mirella Lineup has already been confirmed.

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