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Many people loved Horizon Zero Dawn, and one of the reasons is the world. We were given a vast, detailed and varied world to explore, from the frozen tundra to temperate forests through the deserts and the tropical forest, and it seems that the game has influenced Final Fantasy VII remake, one of the most Large releases last year, as co-director Naomi Yamaguchi said on the Blog PlayStation that the Horizon Franchise had a great influence and that the Final Fantasy Remake suites will evolve on a similar path.

Horizon Zero Dawn, the first game of the franchise, left me a tremendous impression as a creator of the game, Yamaguchi said. I was seduced by the deep immersive experience provided by the incredible graphics as well as by the sole world in which I found myself, a future where civilization collapsed.

In that the next [Horizon] the title should still evolve, Final Fantasy VII remake, of which I am in charge, should do it in the same way. »

Of course, a larger world is normal — after all, Final Fantasy VII Remake was limited to Midgard, while the suites will explore the planet, giving us more classic places like Gold Sauce, Cutie and Cosmos Canyon. We do not know how far the next game of the series, or if areas will have to be removed for full history to be published in a timely manner — and a reasonable number of payments. The first opus was mainly linear by its design, covering only the first hours of the original game — and stopping just as the original game opens. However, Yamaguchi has clearly indicated that players would discover the rest of the world of Final Fantasy VII with the same fresh eyes as those of Midgard.

In Part 2, we want to take this type of detail and allow users to discover how they lived Midgard in the remake, but with the rest of the world.

Melawan Sephiroth, ENDING - Final Fantasy VII Remake

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