Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The Game Director of the EGO Shooter Valorant, Joe Ziegler, has announced that he leaves the team to start something new, apparently within Riot Games.

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In a blog post of December 30, Ziegler — who has been working on Valorant for eight years — announced that he would give up his post as a Game Director and passed the torch of Andy Ho, a veteran of Riot Games, which over two periods On League of Legends and on Valorant worked with a total of more than 11 years of experience. Ziegler says that Ho my full confidence and trust has that he will continue to grow and develop Valorant year after year and will evolve to get better than I could imagine.

While his Valorant trip comes to an end, Ziegler seems to stay part of Riot Games. He says that he will start something new, but it is not mentioned that this is with another studio or an independent project. He also says he will be not far from the game and the team, and they will always have my support.

What this new project contains is unclear. Ziegler hopes, however, that at least the surface of the amazing effect will scratch that already had Valorant.

At the end of his announcement, Ziegler says that it was really happy and an unforgettable experience to be the Game Director of Valorant.

Since Ho next to Ziegler is a longtime member of the Valorant team, it is unlikely that it comes with him at the top to radical direction changes.

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