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If you are Star Wars fans and already waits with trembling hands on the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, there is now a good and a bad news. The bad news: You will have to wait for a while. Finally, the development of the remakes from the according to James Gun best game of all time is still very at the beginning.

So because it is still very long time to release may now be the good news: the YouTube channel Unreal Cinema has produced a fantastic fan short film for legendary space role play. The video is unfortunately only five minutes, but if you look at it often enough, then the Motor Remake is certainly faster than you can say Darth Vader.

What’s it in the Star Wars Fan film?

The video carries the name Malay: Old Republic Story and was produced using the Unreal Engine 5 in 4K. The focus of the five-minute history is the name present Sith Darth Malay. If you play Knights Of The Old Republic, you are likely to tackle the lights on this name.

The Sith was not only one of the most important figures of the roleplaying game, he also gave a tragic fate. The attempt to exceed his champion Review and murder, went thoroughly and Malay lost the lower rail of his chewing tool. As it came to the loss of the lower jaw, you can now admire in the impressive fan film.

This is how it works with Unreal Cinema and your Star Wars project

By the way, Malay: Old Republic Story should not be concluded: Unreal Cinema plans to illuminate Other characters from the Motor Universe and produce a total of three seasons with ten consequences, each Be 15 minutes.

Although Lucasfilm or Disney are not involved, the project was officially started. Lucasfilm has allowed the ambitious employees of Unreal Cinema production, though under some editions.

As explained in a YouTube video of April 2021, Unreal Cinema should therefore do not use material, images or music from the Star Wars films, the project financing public crowdfunding or Make money with your videos. In addition, it must be clearly marked that it is fan films.

Source: Unreal Cinema

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