Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Naivashazeae (Lake Natasha) is the highest possible lake in the eastern arm of the Eastern African trench and also in addition to the baring socket a freshwater lake, while all other lakes in the stem of the trench are highly alkaline.

Sometimes you can not fight your fear. You can escape it, hide it, but in the end you will have to face it. At least in the next Japanese end flame horror game, IAI, anyway. A press release today details the characteristics of the suspense game as well as the release date.

IAI places the player in the first person’s point of view. You, as a player, do not have weapons. You have no way of defense, except mystical kanji that you can use for, hopefully, ward off the surrounding nightmares. As with other members of the kind of psychological horror, the main character can only run and hide the monsters to which you face.

History places the person’s character in a Shinto Sanctuary of feudal Japan. By walking in the sanctuary, you will face various fears that will shake you. Spirits, monsters and okay roam in the corridors of the sanctuary. Be silent, fast and do not bother the harm that hides around you. Of course, the story follows the main character, NATO, and your progress in the sanctuary will rise the veil that surrounds his story.

A trailer of the game, released last October, shows the themes of the game. In addition, the trailer shows some basic gameplay, like drawing protection seals that the player must physically do.

Players can see, in the trailer, fear and overwhelming anxiety as the environment produces. In addition, players can have a glimpse of some spirits they can face.

Currently, the game is scheduled for an exit date on March 29th. A demo is available on Steam now for players wishing to have a first overview. The game will be released on PC, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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