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From our own experience, eagle knows that as a young football professional can be overwhelmed quickly from the things, which turn away from the square around 1. As a footballer, you’re educated that one has no buck on things that happen outside the place, that should make others.

The problem is that others do not always have the same intentions as the players. Also, I have trusted people, of whom I thought they would act in my interest — and was disappointed, says the 37-year-old ex-keeper: Footballers who are young and have little interest are a found eating For people who act only from self-interest.

Adler wants to create a transparent marketplace

Of course, this also affects player consultant, which have a great power over the assets. From a player’s point of view, you are always a bit dependent on the contacts and the network of third parties, emphasizes eagle. He wants to change that: with the app 11transfair, which is already called Tinder for players and clubs. She should bring more transparency in football and the player a bit far into self-responsibility.

There are super many interests in football, where so much money will be deserved that people are draping themselves to you, who just have their own interest in mind. This is supposed to cushion this platform, explains Eagle. We want to create a marketplace where you get transparent supply and demand.

As an example, Adler assumes that a player would like to go to Italy and would also take a lower salary whose consultant would prefer to transfer him to the lucrative Premier League. In such cases, it would not come not infrequently that possibilities do not even be used to the player.

You do not believe how many Neymar and Messes have tried to get to the platform.

René Adler

However, it is important to emphasize that we are not the Robin Hoods who need to free the industry from the evil consultants. Consultation is something good. A young player who has many influences that needs advice. However, in recent years, he has been observing that the advice is much too much focused on the pillar of mediation, because of course the whole money hangs. It was told that there is more player consultants as a player. This shows how much interest And greed are on the market to earn fast money. This does not help, do not unite, do not play the players.

His platform is exclusively for professionals, which can create a separate profile there and have to verify with their own ID. Eagle: You do not even believe how many Neymar and Messes have tried to get to the platform.

More than a scouting database

The tool goes beyond scouting databases that mapped the performance of players. No player tells you in Scouting Tools that he is ready to go to the MLS, or that he is Bock on Australia. These are stuff, you only learn from the player — and he can deposit with us.

Finally, an algorithm brings together interested players and clubs — as with a dating agency via a matching percentage. So Adler wants the market transparent, but the consultants do not make obsolete. It will not replace the counselors completely, but it will be those who only act from self-interest, want to make quick money and business in their own bags, take a bit far from the market.

eagle also speaks about his curious Bundesliga debut, which he teaches from the bitter World Cup cancellation in 2010, unfulfilled charges, the irony of fate with regard to his last Bundesliga game, the two sides of a medal of his long coming Careers — and what he misses in this regard. He also talks about general changes in football with regard to political attitudes of professionals.

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