Mon. May 29th, 2023

Businesswoman, Playboy Bunny, Streamer and now also raper?! Twitch Streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amaranth’ Syracuse has published her first official music video . In the song entitled Down Bad she raps, as it belongs to a rapper, about coal, fame, her hat and her projects as a successful career woman .


In the well-minute video, she poses as a playboy bunny, sipping a Slurpee in front of a 7-Eleven, shows scenes from a common whirlpool stream on Twitch and what is still suitable for your life for YouTube… all of course are allusions Your investment and your previous career.

Announcement to the HATER

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There are other well-known influencers and Streamer Havana, Ludwig and Ethan Klein from H3H3, which are usually posing for a rap song before thick carts and with a lot of cash. However, the song itself raps Amaranth alone.

In some texts, it is mentioned that their owners call them ugly what they only gain free advertising while they show their success with impudence. That it is a polarizing streamer, she uses her skillfully. They Call Me Ugly, But IF That Were True I Couldn’t Make A Mill Off My Body,

Some viewers called the song a blast and congratulated amaranth on Twitter to their first song. She hopes that in the future she has even more songs in planning . We are curious.

Do you already belong to the song (link in tweet above)? How do you find the song? Write us in the comments.

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