Mon. May 29th, 2023

Neptune has done equity investment in three developers who have IP game production capabilities. Investment companies are unique on, shifting, and three unclogs, and the Union and Shift was 19%, the outline of 18%.

United (CEO) (CEO) was established in 2020 as a three-person who is 3 people from the web novelist. It has a strength in a simulation game with story. Currently, mobile simulation game that utilizes Intellectual Property Rights (IP), the Mobile Simulation Game ‘Corner Knitted WITH Café (Corner Knitting Room)’ Therapeutic game ‘Help Mir!’ Is being serviced.

The corner knitting room won Google Play in 2021 ‘the’ Indie Game ‘excellence. We have also entered the development of new work on the second half of next year. ‘Roman Lol La Lang’ is a webtoon-based learning game of the same name. The Unit On is a plan to spur for games that can grow with their own IP based on IP based game production capabilities.

(CEO) (CEO) was established in 2018 for more than 11 years of experience in game development and business field. We have experienced a PC-based sandbox logical genre and have a service to the steam platform, and in May 2020, the Milan Global All the Milan Global All the Milan Global All the Milling (Golang) Styling games and Moving World-Fantasy Adventure are developing a healing development simulation game.

‘Golang World — Fantasy Adventures’ was selected as the final top 6, which was selected for the 2020 4th SBA Indie Game Fast Track, which is selected by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korea Mobile Games Association. The shift plans not only to discover my own IP, but also plans to develop a game of many genres through a variety of IPs.

(CEO) is a developer who increases awareness of popular female’s focusing game’ cultivated boy ‘series. After the establishment of 2011, we have developed mainly developed games and collected games. Representative ‘Cultivated Boy’ is a character collection game beyond 7 years of service.

Based on the popularity of IP, various content and collaboration have been launched, and it also released the light Nobel, Illustrations, and Goods (Goods). We are developing the next work of ‘Boyd Soul’, aimed at the launch of the present year, and we have plans to create a variety of women’s edge games in the future.

Neptune You Jae-won said, Neptune is highly interested in developing the developer with its own IP game development capabilities. Both the three developers who enforced the investment, and the creation capabilities of game content, which are primarily targeting women, and the desire for the Piping of the game, and there are already a company to prepare for their own IP games. Neptune I decided to invest in judgment that I have to have.

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