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With the beginning of the Apex Legends Global Series On January 15, 100 teams from each of the five regions represented in this tournament struggle for a total prize of 1 million dollars. For those who are distracted, they have been Team Singularity and Dreamfire who won the play-offs in South America and South APAC during the weekend from January 14 to 16, 2022.

On this occasion, and with the arrival of the Play-offs to Europe and North America this weekend (21 to 23 January 2022), Electronic Arts has announced that new Twitch Drops are available for the occasion. In particular, there are an exclusive Skin for Bloodhound , but also many more things!

The multiview premiered

With the opening of hostilities of the Apex Legends Global Series 2021, a new feature for this twitch tournament appears: multiview . For those who do not know, this tool allows you to divide your screen into two or four windows thanks to the Twitch Command Center to see the competition from several points of view at the same time. This is interesting if we want to see all the members of a team, or our favorite players.

To enable this option, all you have to do is select View with Command Center in the transmission of the beach channelpex. As simple as that!

New Drops on Twitch

This new season of the Global Series is also an opportunity for Respawn to offer new exclusive drops to twitch spectators. Upon entering the BeachPex channel and see several hours (not necessarily consecutively consecutive) transmission during the weekend from January 21 to 23, 2022, you have the possibility to access a handful of new Skins:

  • 1 hour: Holo-Spray Rare Play-OFS ALMS 2021
  • 3 hours: Bloodhound Singularity Skin Rare
  • 4 hours: Epic weapon amulet

As a reminder, to access these exclusive drops, you must link your Twitch account to your EA account. To do this:

  1. Go to the page dedicated to the link link
  2. Log in (or Create) Your Twitch account
  3. Enter the Twitch security code (on your phone or by email), then click on Connection

  1. Click on Yes, Link to link your Twitch and EA accounts
  2. Check your connections in your Twitch configuration. Electronic Arts should appear on the tab Other connections

Once your accounts are linked, all you have to do is log in to your Twitch account, then in the EA account and follow the live broadcast of the event during the weekend from January 21 to 23 2022 On the Twitch beach channel. When a reward is unlocked, a notification appears at the top of the chat and then you can find it in the inventory of your Twitch account.

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