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Since his time at Borussia Mönchengladbach, Andreas Christensen enjoys a high reputation in the Bundesliga. At FC Chelsea, he continued to develop the central defender at the highest level. Now it could take him back to Germany — but probably not to BVB, but possibly for FC Bayern.

The Danish national player has not been able to agree with Chelsea on a contract extension with Chelsea. His current working paper in London also runs in the summer like the part man Antonio Rudder.

The interested parties for Christensen are long, especially FC Bayern and the FC Barcelona were recently associated with the 25-year-old.

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Borussia Dortmund was also interested in addition. Like picture football chef Christian Fall reported, the BVB is meant by now but from the race to Christensen.

The Simple Statement: The defender is the black-yellow too expensive. As it is said in accordance with media reports, Christensen wants to cost his services in the future at least 14 million euros per year. A salary class in which the Westphalia can no longer compete.

Cause Christensen depends on FC Bayern from SEE

The German record champion from Munich, on the other hand, would probably be further in the race at this price range, although it is still unlikely that the FC Bayern is in such a salary claim.

With more than 14 million euros salary, Christensen would be directly the top earners under Bavaria’s defensive players. That the club confuses the salary structure so does not seem to be too realistic.

Ultimately, everything depends on the personnel Niklas Sure, how intensively the Munich will endeavor to endeavor around the Chelsea star. How Christensen is also center-back See from the summer was today contactless.

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