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Our Active Gaming Media Indie Games Publishing Brand PLAY ISM announced January 23, Malaysia of the Magic Girl was released within 2022. Corresponding platform is PC (Steam) and home game consoles. At the same time, it is also announced that PLAY ISM is in charge of PLAY ISM in this work. This information is presented in the information program PLAY ISM GAME SHOW 2022.


Magic Girl’s Malaysia is a girl who fights a tank gun with a weapon in hand, a magic gun TPS. In the near future of this work, a huge ring appeared in the moon, and a mysterious life body appeared from there. The mysterious life body called Gremlin mimics human weapons and launched aggression. Humanity will fall into crisis. It is a magic gun girl who is given the power of a certain daily magic gun, August. She encounters a mysterious girl who manipulates Gremlin. While she fights against enemies, she seems to be close to the true body of Gremlin and mysterious girls.

August One day the battle of the wire that appeared in the city, the battle is expanded using the power of the magic gun. Specifically, she is equipped with a large firearms to handle people, such as Mauser engine and 8.8 cm tank gun. She will take a large amount of weapons that appeared in the city area and destroy the enemy with physics. The attack by the magic gun can destroy all the objects such as buildings on the stage. When the enemy involves the collapse of the building, the mission is advanced advantageously. Fighting while destroying everything, a flashy battle can be expected. As an element, there is a changing scene of a promise. Taigas Time and a special move system are also provided.

Developing this work is a domestic game development circle HBA Daniel. This work is announced in 2014 as a Mae gas (provisional) of the magic gun. According to a press release, the developer’s HBA Game with the fighting girl and the game with anime expression with anime expression is considered to be interesting, and this work has begun, and it has been developed for seven years. Also, at September 2019, PLAY, DOMAIN! Project planned to be released for 2020 for PC / PlayStation 4, but with this announcement, the publisher has changed to PLAY ISM.

Magic girl’s Malaysia schedules for 2022, for PC (Steam) and home game consoles. Store pages of Steam are also released.

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