Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Developer Pi nix started early access delivery of deck construction strategy game Alina of the Arena on January 19 by Steam. The price is 1320 yen and can be purchased for 20% off 1056 yen until January 27. It is a good work from delivery, but it seems to be quite popular from the user.

Alina of the Arena is a deck construction type strategy game with a rogue-like element. It is a work that combines the Slay the Spire and Into THE BREACH factor, which is a popular art. The player will be a master builder in this work and challenged the turn-based battle at the arena. Every time the stage is played, random is generated and continued to fight with survival.

In the game, various enemies appear every time, and cut the card from the deck and take action. Cards have multiple types of attacks, defenses, or status abnormalities, and various skills. Many have a special effect. Cutting the card within the range of owned APs to advance the turn. The arena is in a heck style, and it is characterized by high positioning freedom. It is necessary to knock the enemy by attacking or migrate cards, and the positional relationship with the enemy needs to be incorporated into the strategy.

Cards are provided with materials related to equipment, and can be equipped with the left and right hands of the protagonist. By equipping, an effect such as increasing the power of the attack card or enhancing the defense. However, a negative effect may be added simultaneously. And if you win the game, get a new card from being randomly presented. Also, if you defeat the enemy during the game, various cards and items may be thrown from the audience, and it can be recovered. Then we will promote the battle by preparing for the next game.

In this work that is under early access delivery, it is said that the basic elements are almost completed at this time. And in the future development, new areas, enemies, bosses, cards, etc. will be added. Sometimes it has been released in this way, it has been successful, and the game play combining popular work is quite popular. 92% is a popular very popular in Steam’s user review, and is a highly rated in the top of the newly delivered new work (STEAM).

Alina of the Arena is delivering early access to PC (Steam). The formal release is planning to be a slower later, so it seems to be expanding the content previously. I would like to expect to respond to Japanese.

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