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Discover here the content of the various founding packs offered on Lost Ark and our advice to know which to buy (and if it is necessary to buy). While Amazon Games Studio publishes Lost Ark in the West and intends to publish it for free, content via shop will be present so four founding packs at the start of the game. We offer you a complete overview of these packs as well as our opinion if it is really Necessary to buy a founder pack to start on Lost Ark.

Accessible on Steam and Amazon, 4 founding packs are available at a price of €14.99, €24.99, €49.99 and €99.99. Since different bonuses are offered in these packs, it is sometimes difficult to realize the interest of buying one but also to know which one buy.

The contents of each pack on LOST ARK

We will detail here the precise content of the founding packs of Lost Ark. You will find our opinion on each pack as a result of the content and a global summary of what to buy (or even if you have to buy one) following the last pack, the Platinum Pack.

The contents of the bronze pack

Price: €14.99 on Steam and Amazon

  • Early access of 3 days
  • Exclusive pet from the founder
  • 30 days of crystalline aura
  • Founder title

The pet allows you to automatically retrieve the booty that the monsters fall. It’s their main function in the game. They are only available in the game shop against real money. The pack gives you one with a chat design. Reassure yourself however, very early in the game you can recover a free of charge as a rabbit. The only interest here is cosmetic.

The crystalline aura for it allows:

  • Trip port expenses (reduces your travel costs, thanks to free trips to trip port)
  • 50% discount on the ship (easily travel to the seas thanks to tickets at half price)
  • Daily affinity interaction of NPC +1 (increases the number of times you can increase your affinity with a NPC every day)
  • Recovery of vital energy + 10% (faster recovery of vital energy used for skills such as hunting, slaughter and excavation)
  • Location Frost +2 (two additional Frost slots that will help you return quickly to the locations you have visited)
  • Charging time of the backflow -50% (Make trips back to the more frequent house by half reducing the backfill recharge time)
  • Fortress search time -10% (reduces the search time for your island fortress)
  • Fortress manufacturing time -10% (reduces the production time of your island fortress)
  • Fortress shipping time -10% (reduces shipping time when you send them outside your fortress)
  • Fortress Action Energy Recovery Speed ​​-10% (Renewing Your Energy for Projects On Your Island Fortress Faster)
  • Free ultimate antis tress for fortress (installs a special scarecrow in your fortress to increase your level rise speed)
  • Crystal benefactor title (enjoy the exclusive character title of the crystalline aura, crystal benefactor)

Our opinion :

The crystalline aura is more or less the equivalent of a subscription on Lost Ark. All bonuses are there to save you time or save a little money at stake. Only the two bonuses in bold above will be really helpful.

The vital energy that serves to harvest materials for crafts is charging even when you are offline, so do not worry about it.
As for the Frost, it allows you to move on long distances. Very practical later in the game to quickly make your daily quests without wasting time on the move.

The game being Free-To-Play, this first bronze pack at €14.99 is therefore not really necessary. It does not bring anything fascinating and offers little content for this price. If you want to invest in a pack without breaking your piggy bank, the silver pack is much more fascinating for just a few extra euros.

The contents of the silver pack on LOST ARK

Price: €24.99 on Steam and Amazon

  • Early access of 3 days
  • 1,000 royal crystals (a premium currency only available with real money)
  • Exclusive pet from the founder (see Bronze Pack)
  • 30 days of crystalline aura (see Bronze Pack)
  • Founder title

A cash supply case that contains:


  • 30 resurrection Feathers
  • 10 000 silver coins
  • 1 adventurer Equipment Fund
    (5 Horns epic Lutheran, 5 rare incendiary grenades, 5 Bombs rare tranquilizer, 5 disguise dresses, rare 5 speed Dresses and 5 rare scarecrows scornful)
  • 1 kit with collection tools
    (Apprentice tools for each of the six professions available at stake)
  • 1 Deep adventurous ascension
    (Level 20) (30 000 silver coins, potions 70 PV, 100 major care potions)
  • 1 Deep adventurous ascension
    (Level 30) (50 000 silver coins, potions 50 major PV 100 Adept care potions)
  • 1 Deep adventurous ascension
    (Level 40) (50 000 silver coins, 100 Potions expert care, 30 Potions of elementary PV)
  • 1 Deep adventurous ascension
    (50 level) (1 Safe objects offensive struggles, 1 Safe Medical combat objects 1 Safe utilities combat objects, 100 powerful potions care 30 Potions PV elementary sparkling)

Our opinion :

Finally, we enter the business! In our view, this is probably the most fascinating pack if you want to start Lost Ark quietly without having played before. The royal currency crystals are available via real money that will allow you to do some follies in the game shop from the start. 1000 crystals are roughly the equivalent of €10 equivalent to a skin.

The contents of the box contains objects that can be harvested in a haphazard way in dungeons and raids. Among these objects, the feathers will help you from the start if you often die. As for the potions, we advise you not to use them during your leveling phase. Wait to the endgame content where they will be much more useful. Do not spend them lightly!

The most fascinating content packs Gold and Platinum are present in the Silver Pack to start the game, the main difference lies in the royal crystal gain versus the money spent and the cosmetic content.

Content Pack Now

Price: €49.99 on Steam and Amazon

  • Early access of 3 days
  • 4000 Royal crystals (see pack money)
  • Exclusive pet from the founder (see Bronze Pack)
  • 30 days crystalline aura (see the Bronze Pack)
  • Founder title
  • Checkout gold supply (see pack money)
  • Exclusive Avatar Founder (a skin)
  • Extension of character slot (additional character creation slot)

Our opinion :

Pack Founder Or does not bring much more than the Silver Pack. The supply box is identical to the cash money supply (yes). The only advantage of this package is the gain in royal crystals. 4000 crystals worth (about) €40.

It is therefore a pack to take if you know you will buy content in the shop. Otherwise, the money Pack is much more fascinating for a lower price. The extension character slot is useful if you like to play several characters. But to begin, rest assured you are not limited to a location you already have many locations available.

The contents of the Platinum Pack Lost Ark

Price: €49.99 on Steam and Amazon

  • Early access of 3 days
  • 7000 Royal crystals (see pack money)
    Animal Founder of the Company exclusive (see pack bronze)
  • 30 days of crystalline aura (see Bronze Pack)
  • Founder title
  • Fund platinum supply
  • Location extension character
  • Founder of Avatar
  • Exclusive Mount Founder
  • Case welcome platinum

The supply box is similar (see pack money) at checkout Gold or Silver except the number of resurrection of feathers, the amount of money and the heroes climbing trunk (level 50) that contains it: 300000 silver coins, 10 boxes of objects of offensive fighting, 10 boxes of medical combat objects, 10 boxes of utilities combat objects, 5 assists safes in the activities of the fortress, 100 powerful potions care 30 potions scintillating elemental PV 10 Pass snapshot daily RNA task completion, carousals 150: Fragments of chaos

The platinum welcome case contains:

Wallpaper founder of exclusive screen (see below)
Exclusive of Boss Structure (see below)
Safe Gifts selection of legendary affinity (A chest containing the goods, to make you more pleasant to the eyes of characters Arches)
Package of limited edition launch cards (Special Package card pack Platinum Founder)

Our opinion :

The Platinum Founder Pack brings the same thing as the gold pack but more royal crystals, or less the equivalent of €70. Regarding the crates available, they do not bring much more very important, you will not disagree to not have them.

The main interest of the Platinum Pack comes mainly at the level of the cosmetics offered. Avatars are exclusive skins to packs. Be careful however, you can only choose one for one class. Decide your main class.

We invite you not to use this skin. Wait a few months or even a few years and Recess the exclusive skin in the sales hotel for a significant amount. You will only need patience and be sure you will play long at the game.

Regarding the exclusive mount, it is once again a skin. You get a free classic frame very quickly at the beginning of your adventure.

Basically, do not buy this pack only if you are sure you are going to play the game and really dive. Otherwise, the price is far too excessive to start the adventure as a new player.

Which pack does it take to buy? And should we buy one?

For starters, we remind you that Lost Ark is a totally free game, it is Free-to-Play and therefore requires neither purchase nor subscription. Founding packs bring bonuses that are clearly not mandatory. The major content of the packs will bring you objects that you will find throughout your progress. The objects of the crates will be useful at the end of the game, but not for your level of leveling.

If we had to summarize each pack, we would say that the Bronze Pack at €14.99 is not interesting. Even for a small budget, we do not recommend it. If you want to put some money in the game, go directly to the silver pack.

The silver pack is in our opinion the most fascinating packing to start the game quietly. The bonuses brought are not primordial. You will be widely available, but buying this pack will allow you to start your adventure in Lost Ark more comfortable.

However, we remind you of our advice given in the notice of the money pack: Do not spend your potions during your level of Leveling , they will be much more useful in the dungeons and ENDGAME raids. Remember that there is no true career in the game strictly speaking.

Finally, the pack gold at €49.99 and the Platinum Pack at €99.99 are rather reserved for players wishing to invest in Lost Ark. The Gold Pack will give you some crystals if cosmetics tent you in the shop. The Platinum Pack will provide you with exclusive bonuses to launch, including skins you will not find elsewhere, except in the sales hotel for high prices long after the exit.

to summarize on which pack buy

  • Beginner player, start Lost Ark for free, you will not lose anything.
  • Player wishing to invest a minimum for a while, at least until the endgame of the game, prefer the silver pack, which is clearly not mandatory, but comfortable to start effectively.
  • Player really wanting to invest sustainably, get on the gold pack if your budget does not allow you the Platinum Pack to invest in the long run and have exclusive skins at launch.

So much for our summary of the contents of the founding packs as well as our tips for knowing which to buy to play Lost Ark. If you still hesitate on which class play in Lost Ark, do not hesitate to consult our guides on each of the classes available at the time of the game in France. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on Apatosaurus.

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