Sun. May 28th, 2023

“We can be very optimistic,” said Toni Söderholm after the 5: 3 of the DEB team in the duel with Slovakia, which was held by agreement over twice 30 minutes in the training hall at the National Hallenstadion in Beijing. “There is a very, very great will to reach. That’s top with these players,” the Finn was.

Tom Kühnhackl, Dominik Kahun, Marcel Brandt, Jonas Müller and Matthias Plachta scored the hits for the German team. Söderholm’s assistant Tobias outer acted as a referee, both teams received, as also previously agreed, several times the opportunity to test the special teams.

Niederberger stays without conceding

In the first half of the game, the Munich Danny from the birches in the gate – one of ten silver medal winners of 2018. The 36-year-old did not look good at two of the three opposes. In the second 30 minutes, the Berlin Mathias Niederberger did not give a goal.

Setting those who will start in the three group matches Söderholm did not want to be. But it would not be surprising if Niederberger receives two missions and the birch 1. Felix Brückmann, the third goalie in the squad after Beijing, received no commissioning time against the Slovak.

Söderholm has four storm rows in the head

“We have implemented much well, but the body contact was significantly less than in the normal game. But for the feeling I did very well to get back to the game mode,” the Berlin Marcel Nobel was.

Next to Brückmann not used only the striker Lean Bergmann and Nico cramp. In the attack, Kühnhackl played in a row along with the Münchernern Patrick Hager and Yasin Ehliz. Tobias Rieder ran with Berliners Nebels and Leo Pfallell, Sweden Legionnaire Stefan Loibl with Kahun and Frederik Tiffels. In addition, the Ingolstädter Daniel Pietta acted between the Mannheimern Plachta and David Wolf.

Moving for a day off

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Just those four formations, Söderholm also has in his mind with regard to the first preliminary round match on Thursday (14.10 clock CET) against Canada, “if all remain healthy”.

On Tuesday, the national coach releases his players a day; Also, to look at other sports and at least a little flair from the games of Beijing. After a last training session on Wednesday in the Hallenstadion, the team turns to the Wukesong sports center in which she launches the tournament on Thursday.

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