Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Austria’s skistar Matthias Mayer triumphs in the Super-G wins his third Olympiagold. At the Big-Air premiere of the ski freestyler, there is gold for China. All decisions and the most important news can be traced live with around Olympia.

Olympia: The decisions of the day

Competition Result
Ski Freestyle: Big Air Ladies Chinesin GU gets gold in the last attempt
SKI Alpin: Super-G Men Historic Triumph for SkiStar Mayer
Snowboard: Parallel Giant Slalom Ladies
Snowboard: Parallel Giant Slalom Men
Biathlon: Single Men
Curling: Mixed Double
Skipper: 1500 m Men
Toggle: Single Ladies

IBU Olympic Championships Biathlon HL - Women 15km Individual Competition - BEIJING (CHN) 7.2.2022
Skiing: Sprint Ladies |
Skiing: Sprint Men |

The Olympic Day in the ticker

06:02: The Canadian Keegan Brass shows a great short program after he first arrived in Beijing after a corona quarantine yesterday! Jetlag, what is that?

05.43 clock: The ice art runners is the short program in the crucial phase, and I sit here astonish and consider whether I do not want to carry myself on skates… no, should I prefer not. The Japanese Shoma Uno is currently clear at the top with 105.90 points. But a few runners are still come, including US star Nathan Chen.

05:38: Completely overwhelmed by your triumph in the ski freestyle showed the Chinesin Gu. “That’s the best moment of my life. I can not believe what’s just happened,” said the 18-year-old, who had already crowned the double world champion. But Olympiagold is still something else.

05.33 clock: The snowboards and snowboards are also at the start today and complete the parallel giant lleam. Ramona Hofmeister has apparently caught a good day, the bronze medal winner from 2018 drove the second best time in qualifying. That makes hope!

05.24: Let’s take a look back to the figure skills, where Supar Yuzuru Hanyu has just completed his spa program. However, the 2014 and 2018 Olympic champion enthusiastically patzt at Salchov and remains well below 100 points, currently the Japanese is second.

05.12 clock: The third Olympiagold for Matthias Mayer is quasi perfect! At the Super-G, all pot drivers are in the finish, the Austrian sets up another crown of his career. Insanity!

04.55: The Super-G is now the last German in the finish, debutant Simon Jocher is initially rank eleven. Not necessarily the best day for the alpines of the DSV.

04.46 clock: Shared news is meanwhile reaching us from the camp of the US runners. Nina O’Brien, which excreted in the giant slalom on the last goal and overturned under great pain into the finish, has pulled himself a leg break. Get well soon!

04.41 clock: The third German in the league can not worry about any surprise. Andreas Sander first goes up in place.

04.28: The second German starter Josef Ferstl comes after a big mistake at the beginning with a great residue. Very too bad.

04.21: The first German starter in the Super-G, Romed Baumann, shows a good ride, but the medal will not be enough.

04.08: Drama at the ski freestyler! LEATEUX can not counter a madness jump of the Chinesin Gu Ailing Eileen and fall back on the silver rank! The Swiss Mathilde Gremaud brings bronze.

03.56: We throw a look at the alpine skiers, because in Yanqing is now the Super-G of the gentlemen on the program. And the weather clearly plays!

03.40 clock: Is it a bird? Or a plane? No, Tess Lerezeux is a human being, at least it seems. The Frenchwoman also shows a top jump in the second run and has a hand already on gold.

03.33 clock: Overall today ten gold medals are awarded, the plan with the decisions we have built up here in the article. What are you looking forward to? So I have such a feeling of the biathletes again. Maybe that’s our games?

03.22: Overall, three runs are on the program in the finals, after the first pass, the Frenchwoman Tess Ledeux is in the lead. A German starter is not at the start.

03.15: The daring ski freestylers are already in the middle of the past, there currently runs the first run in the Big-Air competition. When I look at the ladies, I’m glad to sit at my desk.

03.06 clock: Currently the figure skates with their short program are active, but six athletes were only at the start. So there is still a lot.

02.59: Man, what was that yesterday for a jumble of feelings? Denise Herrmann shoots and gets gold, with the ski jumpers and ski jumpers, there is the big farce. If you want to be informed about the yesterday, you will find everything worth knowing in Olympia. Articles and videos about the topic * Comment on the ski jump Farce: hardly to beat ridiculousness * Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. 02.55: Good morning on the fourth Olympia day live from Beijing! Really fresh and sleepy, it goes in the day. Do not you believe me? But is really like that.

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