Mon. May 29th, 2023

For Egypt, the tenth Africa Cup final began the bond history (best value), as the semi-final stopped: with a triumph of the penalty point. With a total of three held shots in two penalty shooting, Torwart Abou Gabal already had a large proportion of his team’s final deduction – and in the final he provided his qualities directly again: after a foul of Abdelmonem at CISS, Mané arrived early on penalty for the Senegalese, but Abou Gabal resisted the hard-step penalty and made a first exclamation mark of the game (7.). It should not remain the last match of the two actors.

The Senegalese could not be removed from the large unused chance and dominated the game. Egypt’s coach Carlos Queiroz was able to look at this spectacle only from the grandstand, after his red card in the semi-final against Cameroon he was locked for the sideline. His team hardly developed any ideas and left the Senegal the ball. Although the West Africans occasionally came through the wings, but in the fields it lacked the precision. Thus, in fact, Egypt had the only more good chance of the first passage, Salah forced for a single action Mendy to a flight parade (43.).

After the side change, however, the Senegal increased the beat number again. But in the way was once more Abou Gabal, who was strongly on the post against Mané (53.) and Dihiou (56.). The Egyptians showed the three extensions in a row noticeably in the bones, after less than an hour, the record winner already carried out a triple change. As a result, the “pharaohs” rained more freshness again, came through Abdelmonem (69.) and the substitute Marwan Hamdy (75.) to two good headball opportunities, but also had great luck that the waited Fathi did not post on several other offenses would.

Abou Gabal brings Senegal to despair

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Undernourfs, it would probably have become extremely heavy for the physically struck Egyptians, but came the record winner – as in all K.-O.-play previously – again in the extension. There, the dazzled Abou Gabal had to show against the substitute for the substitute for three more gloss parade (91., 100., 116.) – The Senegalese ran unfavorably against a warm Egyptians, but desperate the superior backman of Zamalek Cairo.

His leading people only seemed to want one – the penalty shootout. Shortly before, they actually had the good chance to the Lucky Punch by Marwan Hamdy, who made the otherwise hardly tested Mendy (117.).

Mané stays cool in the decisive moment

Arrived at the destination: Sadio Mané is crushed after the decisive penalty of teammates. AFP Via Getty Images

In penalty shooting, both World Gorphic Mendy (against Lasheen) as well as the later as “Man of the Match” ABOU Gabal (against Bayern-Profi Sarr) awarded a penalty. Because Abdelmonem had previously made only the inner post, it came to the showdown, who had already opened the game: Mané against Abou Gabal.

This time, the Liverpool Star slammed, later chosen to the player of the tournament, the ball untouchable for the outstanding keeper in the left corner and made Senegal for the first time in the association history to the Africa master. His team colleague Salah would have been waiting as the last Egyptian shooter, but came – as so often that evening – no more to the train.

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