Sun. May 28th, 2023

Fans reaction after Netherlands v Ukraine at Euro 2020 in Amsterdam| 荷兰欧洲杯揭幕战3-2险胜乌克兰迎开门红| 球迷
On Monday afternoon, the SC Prussia completed a test match at the Dutch second league-fifth de Graafschap Doetinchem, in order to stay in the game rhythm despite the renewed game dictionary in the Regionalliga West. The Eaglegäger won against a good opponent earned 3-0 and so far further underpin her convincing form. Due to external specifications, the game was unfortunately not allowed to be announced in advance – viewers were not allowed Corona-conditionally non-admitted anyway.

Three premieres in the Netherlands

In addition to the three goals, there were also three premieres on the usually training-free Monday near the German-Dutch border. Co-coach Louis Cordes had the sole command on the side line because Chef coach Sascha Hildmann had to stay home with a gastrointestinal infection. In addition, the two new additions Thomas Kok and Darius Ghindovean came to their first minutes in the Prussian’s jersey, in which they made a good figure directly.

Simon Sherder (Coronain Fektion) and Marcel Hoffmeier (break after workout) lacked on the installation sheet as well as Deniz Bindemann, which was still on the ball on Sunday for the U19 in the A-Junior Bundesliga. Otherwise, replacement head coach Cordes was able to scoop out today. Max Schulze Niehues was 90 minutes between the posts, previously formed Captain Julian Schauerte, Robin Bricks, Jannik Borgmann and Lukas Frenkert to the four-chain. Nicolai Remberg, Dominik Klann and Gerrit Wegkamp in midfield and Henok Teklab, Alexander Langlitz and Thorben Deters in the front row ran against Wegberg-Beeck.

Prussia-Pressing calls second divisions

It was from the beginning a happy test match on a very well-playable artificial turf place in Doetinchem, from the 15th minute of the game, the Münsteraner also dominated more and more that, even if the large scenic scenes remained unused, or remained unused after 22 pointer revolutions of Teklab. The opponent was somewhat surprised by the most aggressive pressing of the guests, made some ball losses and slopled two-fighting. The bill of the Prussians was complete. A verbeek corner that landed directly on the latte was the most dangerous scene of the households.

Pressing and pressing of the SCP finally paid properly in the 40th minute, as Teklab disturbed early and forced his oppent player Van the Adam to the momentous miscarriage, which landed again as a medium-term resistant at today – 0: 1. The Prussians did not turn off yet, just before the break even put on it. Wegkamp pushed forward over the left side, served in the middle Deters who had to push the leather “only” over the line – 0: 2. Deserved break guide!


At the beginning of the second half, Kok and Ghindovean celebrated their premieres and added very well into the further sizable Prussia game, also Manuel Farrone Pulido and Marvin Thiel came on the field. Ghindovean directly searched the degrees, COK indicated as a communicative strategist with a good overview. The Dutch were increasingly becoming more active the defeat against the fourth division seemingly did not seem so easy. At a scene they had bad luck, because the referee did not show an action of steps at conings with a penalty whistle. The substitute Farrona Pulido had in the 65. Minutes from a pointed angle 3: 0 even on the foot and missed, but put four minutes later for Dahlke, who was worth seeing by direct acceptance. It was the last hit in a good test, the desire for the further course of the season.

Louis Cordes: _ “That was a good test for us and we deserve won. Especially in the first half we had many good balls conversions and switching moments, which have also led to the gates. We have the things we made well implemented well. It was important to stay in the rhythm, but also important as preparation for next Saturday. We have very little admitted and himself had the opportunityplus on our side. “_

Installation SCP: Schulze Niehues – Schauers (Hemmerich, 63.), Brick, Borgmann, Frenkert – Remberg (Ghindovean, 46.), KOK, 46.), Wegkamp (Schwadorf, 63.) – Teklab ( Thiel, 46.), Langlitz (Dahlke, 63.), Deters (Farrona Pulido, 46.)

Goals: 0: 1 Langlitz (40th) 0: 2 Detters (44.) 0: 3 Dahlke (69.)


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