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As demanded by the professional port, universal spectator rules in the arenas are now valid nationwide. The club bosses of BVB, 1. FC Cologne and Co. are facilitated – and hope for more freedoms.

The patched carpet has been exhausted, a little atmosphere returns to all arenas: the spectator specifications for the stadiums and halls of the profile people should be regulated uniformly in the future nationwide in the future.

The state governments have agreed that the capacity outdoors may be used at a maximum of 50 percent – but tastes with 10,000 visitors. In halls, a maximum of 30 percent is allowed, at most 4,000 spectators.

BVB-Boss Watzke sees “step in the right direction”

“This is a good first step in the right direction,” CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke commented from the Football Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund to the “SID” the decision, with which the countries with the prescription of their summit to the Corona pandemic with the federal government of 24, January.

At that time, it was noted that a uniform regulation should be made until the 9th of February.

Most recently, numerous countries had already taken decisions that the now applicable uniform regulation have come very close.

North Rhine-Westphalia did not belong to that, therefore, three Bundesliga (BVB, 1. FC Cologne, Arminia Bielefeld) had the previously valid upper limit of 750 spectators. Given the new rules, which are now also valid in NRW, FC will forego the legal examination.

New regulation “Starting point of a dynamic development”?

“We now hope that this limitation on 10,000 fans is the starting point of a dynamic development in the coming weeks,” said Cologne’s Financial Managing Director Alexander Wehrle: “We continue to convince that events in the open sky also in large stages with at least 50 percent Utilization are reasonable. “

Although incidence is now climbed over the 1200 brand and warn experts from rapid relaxation, the professional port has reached an important milestone through the binding decision of the state and senate law firms.

Finally, a homogeneous procedure of politics was most recently challenged. “We need this uniform regulation. If a different rule applies in each federal state, that is madness,” said, for example, maximums Managing Director Fredi Bobic from Hertha BSC on Tuesday: “We have strongly used us to capacity on percentage Base should rule. “

The new DFL boss Donata Hops had demanded by the policy “Solutions” and “Very clear solution scenarios that are feasible and practicable”, “We need a solution that all can orientate.”

Choreo Südtribüne Borussia Dortmund - Málaga CF Champions League 3:2 BVB Fans Atmosphere 09.04.2013
Accordingly, the professional maximum responded to the decision of Wednesday. “Above all, the joy is that the topic of ‘ghost games’ is probably off the table,” said Managing Director Viktor Szilagyi from the Handball record champion THW Kiel: “In the past two years, we already have concepts for a maximum capacity utilization of 25, 50 and almost 100 percent set to the legs and safely implemented, so we will now also find a solution for 30 percent. “

Larger audience numbers were last already by Saxony-Anhalt (50 percent of capacity), Bavaria (25 percent at a maximum of 10,000), Baden-Württemberg (50 percent at a maximum of 6000), Rhineland-Palatinate (20 percent), Saxony (25 percent) and Bremen (10,000) approved.

Strict corona rules in the stadiums

With the now applicable regulation, however, duties are also accompanied. So wearing “at least one medical mask” is compulsory. In addition, “the basis of the respective country regulations for protective and hygiene concepts, inlet management and spacers and other protective measures” should be made.

At the same time, it remains to be seen how long the profit port is agreed with the new specification. So RB Leipzig was not fully agreognable with the quasi equivalent scheme in Saxony of Tuesday. Although RB had called the resolution as “improvement”, the club “not satisfied with the decision of the Cabinet” showed.

In addition, it was clear once again that there is absolute unity in the countries. Thus, Bavaria, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt announced in a log statement that they will “deviate slightly in their regulations”. Although Mecklenburg-Vorpommern contributed to the resolution, it is the view that “

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