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Dogs need spout, one more, the others less. The gassigang is ever gazing for gas, at least for the owner of the four-legged friend, which then sits in the bicycle saddle and accompany himself from the dog.

Legally allowed is not only on forest and meadow trails. Because the road traffic regulations explicitly allow dogs to be conducted from the bicycle – for other animals does not apply.

Planning responsibly

So it is right: The dog is led to the right of the bike. PD-F / Kay Tkatzik

Before the dog comes to the bike ride, it is of course responsible to explore whether it has grown the requirements. “Ten kilometers or more depending on the fitness and the dog breed already in it,” says Alexander Giebpler from the press service bicycle. However, there are also factors such as the age, the freedom of injury to the animal or the respective temperature.

Leash away from the handlebar

From the security reason, it is advisable to lead the dog to the bike main on cycle paths. So it can be avoided that he is overlooked or frightened by oncoming or overhauling wheels. The leash should not be tied to the handlebar – in a sudden movement of the dog threatens danger of falling, this all the more when he gets started. Trade holds special bike holders for the leash.

Safe place with views: dog basket for the handlebar. This here comes from M-Wave. PD-F / brass

E-bikes enable the cycling dog owner a relaxed progress, for the four-legged friend itself, however, this can constitute a special challenge. If the condition is not sufficient for the entire route or the dog is basically no “follower”, there are taking possibilities. Smaller animals can be accommodated in special baskets for handlebars or luggage racks, the handlebar solution offering the advantage that the dog remains in the field of view of master or mistress. The basket should have a lockable grid, the animal passenger can not escape, but has good views at the same time.

Bicycle trailer: Carpooling for larger dogs. PD-F / Luka Gorjup / Lux Photo

AB in the trailer

Larger dogs in turn can ride in special trailers, they are offered in different sizes. And then there is now the load bike: Straight Cargobikes with electrical support make even the taking of larger and heavy animals simply, dog boxes (also with grid hood) serve as a whereabout during the tour. It should be ensured that the dog see above the edge of the box and – keyword “Flat entry” – can easily get in and out. And so will not only be for the owner, but also for the dog itself the gassigang for Gassi ride.

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