Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

In issue Numero 27 of our cinema, film and streaming podcasts home cinema speak our two editors Maci Naeem Cheema and Chris Footy about current and exciting topics of the huge entertainment landscape. The beginning makes an analysis of this year’s Oscar nominations recently announced. What disturbs us and what developments are pleasing? Experienced it in the episode!

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_Alle topics in a row # 27 – TimeCodes: _
00:00:00 – Introduction and welcome
00:03:30 – Oscar nominations 2022
00:18:00 – Soderbergh is missing on sex in the MCU
00:22:55 – Roland Emmerich Motzt… and why that’s funny
00:30:40 – Super Bowl Trailer!
00:32:15 – Short discussion: Chris hates Eternals!
00:54:20 – Netflix Miniserie and Film Parody: Does this work?
01:14:58 – Pam & Tommy on Disney Plus
01:46:20 – Community + house recommendations

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2022 Oscar Nominations LIVE REACTION (Surprises, Snubs)
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