Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The FIFA lock against Africa’s former football boss and the former World Association Interim Boss Issa Hayatou due to violations of the ethics code has been repealed by the International International Sportss Court (CAS).

That announced the independent court on Saturday. The CAS justified his acquittal for the 75-year-old camerooner with insufficient evidence.

The Ethics Commission of the World Association FIFA had locked Hayatou in August last year for a year for all activities in football.

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The reason was a billion-dental television and marketing agreement for events of the African Continental Association CAF, Hayatou 2015 in its function as CAF President with the French marketing company had closed Lagardere.

Last but not least due to the unusually long term of the Deal of 2017 to 2028 and the correspondingly lower revenue for the CAF, FIFA ethicists saw a violation of loyalty duties by Hayatou to his organization as proven. In the awarding of the rights, Hayatou should also have disadvantaged other interested parties.

The CAS assessed the present findings differently and did not see sufficient evidence for misconduct Hayatous and thus not for a violation of the FIFA ethics guidelines. The barrier against the earlier pot losses must be canceled because it was said in the judgment of the CAS.

Hayatou is one of several decades to the stripping pullers in the international football business. 29 years of Hayatou at the CAF peak, marriage the former basketball and traffic thesis 2017 was deselected at the continental federation. At the FIFA, Hayatou continued from 2015 to 2016 between the suspension of the former Association Chief Joseph S. Blatter and the election of Gianni Infantino (both Switzerland) as an interim president.

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