Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

After a one-month break, the Youtuber and Content Creator with most subscribers is back at the start: The Swede Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg is back in front of the camera and celebrates his debut with a reacttion video in which he reacts to everything in the Pause time in his subreddit and otherwise happened ( Via Dexerto ).

The topic also comes to the subject of Subscriber. In the past, PewDiepie has already been “done” several times with YouTube Channels Subscriber Wars. So… from his point of view maybe, in the hope of somehow to oppose the rapid growth of certain non-content creator channels.

This refers to the three largest Youtube channels in the world (from Subscriber view, not from unique content view): T-Series, Cocomelon and Set India. Pewds will not focus on an opponent “for the drama”, but on all. With a fat wink PewDiepie starts then thanks to Randomizer website drama with the channel braincraft.

Subscriber was with mrbeast?

A memidity from Pewdiepies community also deals with the fact that the next opponent for Pewd’s next Subscriber was actually Jimmy “Mrbeast” Donaldson would have to be. Finally, MRBEAST (just under 90 million subscribers) is the PEWDS (around 111 million subscribers) in terms of Youtube subscribers now “dense” on heels. Since Kjellberg laughs. “I suspect I have to start my next drama with Mrbeast, with Diss Track and no, I’m just doing a joke.” (from minute 03:40)

Pewdiepie Died (Felix Kjellberg Reacts) - LWIAY #00156

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Donaldson would probably be the last, with which Kjellberg would invest, and if, then only fun. Finally, MrBeast Pewdiepie helped a creative way to get Subscriber to continue the nose in the war against T-Series. Unfortunately, Kjellberg had to be beaten. Subscriber growth of T-Series was too big.

War with T-Series Inc?

But Hey, good news for the fans “True” Content Creator on YouTube out there. Because MRBeast’s main channel has grown most than the channel of T-Series 2021 . And after him, a few more Unique Creators follow. So it is quite possible that the Indian music channels or Cocomelon with the children’s songs are overtaken again.

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