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Max Kruse verlässt Union
The sudden departure of Max Kruse has also unexpectedly hit Union Berlin’s Manager Oliver Ruhnert.

“I do not know if I’m disappointed. I do not like the time, the time is just unhappy,” said the 50-year-old on Tuesday in a media round.

The club has learned “very late” from Kruses wish to change to VfL Wolfsburg. Although it was surprised by the “development”, the “decision with the player hit together”.

Kruse is a player who has a special challenge at the “end of a career and also a special possibility of a financial way. You have to weight everything.”

Why union kruse ultimately pull

The option of soliciting himself financially, according to Ruhnert not to the debate. Although the association is ready to talk about contracts, but not from the course: “I will not break my structure here by doing things that are astronomical.” That did not exist with Kruse, and we will not do that. That’s why there were not these considerations. “

Also without kruse Ruhnert believes “Of course, that we have a team that can be successful”. Kruse have “made the difference in one or the other game”. But the team will “continue working”, with Sven Michel you got a “good and motivated player” from SC Paderborn.

Understanding for Eberl’s withdrawal in Gladbach

The resignation of Max Eberl For health reasons, Ruhnert Meanwhile, Ruhnert can be very good. The Union Manager does not see a structural problem with the clubs. The 50-year-old believes that the club officers are themselves who would design the job accordingly.

“I can not identify with that if I only play a role and just work here. But I also live my job,” Ruhnert said, “And if you live his job, then that’s what I think, again. “

He approached him when Union would win or lose, and people in Köpenick look forward to or unwelcome. “I know that there is one or the other colleague sometimes who makes his job too, but that makes his job. I would sometimes want to separate that,” Strauhnert said. “I think that’s very similar at Max.”

“It’s an emotional thing that has a leaching”

Eberl’s meaningful statement, he also gives his life to after 13 years as a Ruhnerts chief at Borussia Mönchengladbach, he could understand very well.

“It’s an emotional thing that has a leaching,” explained Ruhnert, who celebrated the first promotion to the Bundesliga, among other things, and currently seems to look at the table four lights.

He also emphasized how “super probably” he feels at Union, how great his employees and the team are. “And yet I can absolutely understand the decision of Max Eberl and I say again and again: For me it is also clear, the same decision I will take one day.”

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