Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

“Very annoying for us,” Maaßen summarized the 90 minutes in Saarbrück Ludwigspark. His team acted against collectively working hosts first to find in the game. “There was a bit of the deep and movement in the forefront of the top line. We did not get in the game really pace,” annoyed the 37-year-old. “In total it would certainly have been in order if Saarbrücken had led to the break.”

However, the FCS did not succeed in the second round, a few minutes after restart – ironically the prelude for the best phase of the guests from Dortmund. “After the 1-0 we were up to 2-0 the better team. We would have earned that to achieve the 1: 1,” says Maaßen, who thoraped the awarded bulk opportunities of his team. Alone BERKAN TAZ could have led the climber to compensate – instead, the Borussia ran into a counterattack, which led to the 0: 2 final score. “In total, two very simple mistakes made,” Maaßen said overlooking the two goals. “That’s why you can not win with a top team like Saarbrücken.”

Chance for reparation is available on Saturday (14 o’clock, live! At annoying). Then the VFL Osnabrück in the stadium Rote Earth is guests. Two counters separate the two table bikes in front of this duel.

Preview: Borussia Dortmund II – VFL Osnabrück


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