Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The Day Kasper Schmeichel Made His Father Peter Schmeichel Proud
In support of their own fans, the Croats in Budapest did not lack the evening against Denmark, but the necessary quixes luck but already. For the team of coach Hrvoje Horvat, it was already about not to delete the sails early on.

A lot of pressure against the world champion, which then also went the better start. The Danes moved early to 3: 1, while Croatia’s Luka Cindric had to get out for two minutes. That was a finger point where the journey should go. The Croats wanted to buy the cutting over fight and intensity to the opponent. Only there was a serious problem: It was offensively lacking fiery in igniting ideas to seriously bring the strong Danish cover into distress.

As soon as the Scandinavians could not settle, the pause was 12:10 for Denmark. Ingo two took over superstar Mikkel Hansen more and more the booklet of action and achieved important gates, very often in important key torques. The back-ace was then chosen little surprisingly to the player of the game.

And the Danes? They brought their lead over the time, lasted in the last end 27:25 and pushed themselves on one of the table. The defeat meant for Croatia from all hopes at the EM.

By Wolfman

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