Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Bundesliga club RB Leipzig apparently filed a lawsuit against the audience limit of 1,000 of the current Saxon Corona Emergency Ordinance. This reports the _ picture_ -zeitung.

The report shows that the Leipzig have submitted an urgent application at the Upper Administrative Court in Bautzen to tilt the existing rule, according to which only 1,000 spectators are allowed to tilt into a temporary arrangement. The leipziger People’s newspaper are also available.

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Leipzig-Boss Oliver Mintzlaff said last in _ picture_: “Despite a minus of more than € 60 million in the past two years, we had a lot of understanding of policies. But now the point is where every German citizen, every entrepreneur and everyone Bundesliga club pragmatic, logical and comprehensible decisions can expect. “

Next Tuesday a new regulation should be decided and then valid until 6 March. But also in this is currently a restriction to 1,000 fans. The fact that other Bundesligists complain is not excluded.

Only in the middle of the week was a similar request of two season ticket owners of the Leipziger from the Saxon Constitutional Court. Subsequently, the General Court demanded that the capacity restrictions in the coming regulation “to establish arbitrary free”.

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Already in several federal states, much more spectators in the stadium, sometimes even indoor events are allowed with more than 1,000 people. Minttzlaff: “There are more and more indoor events that may have a part of significantly higher capacity utilization than we specters in our arena with 1,000 spectators. That’s totally disproportionate.”

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