Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Even after the end of the winter transfer period, the rumor kitchen continues to beam. One of the most exciting personal details is and remains Niklas Sule, who will leave FC Bayern in summer. But where does the German international? According to the latest media reports, the BVB could strike at the release-free domestic chest. Sebastian Kehl, head of the license player department of Borussia Dortmund, did not want to look into the maps on Tuesday.

At the start of the training week Niklas Süle in Dortmund was expected to be a hot top of the conversation. Recent speculation about a possible change in the 26-year-old in summer, Sebastian Kehl did not want to comment on demand.

“I know how the business works. That’s why I will not comment on it. Yes, it’s right that there is one or the other interesting player to release for the summer. This is a situation that brings the corona time. This is not different with us, “explained the designated successor of BVBs director Michael Zorc.

BVB: Contradictory reports on the alleged interest in SELE

Previously, “BVB1” had been reporting on “good sources” from the direct environment of the player, that current discussions between the BVB and the Slee side were currently led to a possible cooperation.

Also, the salary of the 43-humant national player is to be stuck for the Borussia. Slee desire at FC Bayern currently between five and six million euros and have demanded a doubling in the negotiations with the record champion.


At the BVB, he would open to the top earners Marco Reus and Mats Hummels, the salary structure but not entirely break.

How hot is the alleged interest in Slee really, however, remains questionable. “BVB Image” contradictory the “BVB1” report immediately.

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