Mon. May 29th, 2023

On Saturday, the snowboarders fight in team competition for medals (3 o’clock). The best chances, however, have the German athletes in the biathlon sprint of the gentlemen (10 o’clock) and in the ski jump from the wholesale hill (12 o’clock). All decisions are available here around Olympia.

3.06 clock – SnowboardCross: Jawor! So this weekend can start. Jana Fischer remains cool and drives the househohen ahead of France in her race home. We are already in the semifinals.

3.02 – SnowboardCross: Jana Fischer and Martin Noerl go into the race against their two competitors. The times are then added – the best two teams continue. And that goes really well: Noerl jumps to the French and the Italian after a little weak start of it. Now Jana has to bring this to the semi-final.

2.58 – SnowboardCross: And we start hopefully pure. In a few moments, the SnowboardCrossers start against each other in the Mixed team. Germany must ran against Italy and France in the quarterfinals. Come on!

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Lindvik stuns Kobayashi to take ski jumping gold in the large hill | 2022 Winter Olympics
2.53: Welcome to around Olympia this Saturday. My first shift this week.. And of course, I hope that the medals for Germany will not stay out today. Here we go!

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