Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Coach Urs Fischer by Union Berlin responded to the critical statements of Max Kruse, after which the relationship between the two was responsible for the change of the striker to Wolfsburg.

The Rise of Union Berlin and Max Kruse - Germany's Special Football Club

“Purlet, I do not believe, not. That it is not problem-free…” Fischer said in the run-up to the game against the BVB (from 15.30 clock in the LiveTicker) and continued: “Bundesliga is not a petrol zoo. It was no petting zoo The releases. “

Kruse had reported on Saturday in the _ZDF_Sportstudio of tensions between him and the Swiss. In the second year he had been “not so satisfied” and also called the frequent replacement as a dispute.

For Fischer, however, the daily business is in the Bundesliga. He does not have “to fulfill the order, wishes. That must also be accepted and belongs.”

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Kruse had surprisingly returned to Wolfsburg in winter. As he emphasized several times, the financial aspect also played a major role to fulfill his in the summer contract in the Ironanes.

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