Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

4: 0 led the Skyblues against Sporting Lisbon after 45 minutes – higher, the Champions League’s K.-O. Round never led away a away team for break. Only another broken record of the English super team, which currently does not seem to be impactable.

The last defeat is already lying back over two months and happened in sporty no longer relevant group match against Leipzig, since then there was twelve victories and a draw, most recently, the Citizens also played three times in series.

“There is a rule in football…”

5-0 and still not satisfied! Guardiola reacts to rampant Man City display at Sporting

And yet, in the power demonstration in Lisbon, the feeling did not get rid of that coach Pep Guardiola was not quite happy with the idea of ​​his team. Again and again he dictated from the outside, Tigerte in his coaching zone – and confirmed the impression after the game at “BT Sport”: “Some players have stayed under their possibilities today”, according to the Spaniard, who performed, “We have simple Balls lost. There is a rule in football – if you have the ball, do not give it anymore. We often did not follow it today. We have to improve. “

“We can do it better”

Not only he, too Bernardo Silva, who was named by the UEFA to the player of the game and scored two goals, invited his coach: “We were not good enough in the first half to lead 4-0. I think We can do it better. “

In all criticism, Guardiola nevertheless showed “incredibly happy” over the result, but again emphasized: “The players know me. We have to work on, we have to do it better. We can do it better.” We can do it better. ” The second leg on March 9 is likely to see sporting.

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