Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

The next German Olympic Mai in the Gold Canal of Yanqing is probably only a matter at halftime the two-bob competition. The 23-year-old Nolte is located after two of the four runs 0.50 seconds in front of teammate Mariaama Jamanka. The decision falls on Saturday. In the ice channel of Yanqing Germany had remained only in the Monobob with Nolte and Jamanka without a medal. Rennbodler, Skelton and two bob pilots have recovered seven gold, four silver and bronze medal.

I knew the lead is in it. We have already shown the whole season that we are in front of it. I always got along well on the train.

Laura Nolte

Laura Nolte and Deborah Levi take gold | IBSF Official

“I knew the lead is in it. We have already shown the whole season that we are in front of it. I came up well on the train,” Nolte said in ZDF and confessed, “I was super excited, because in the Monobob had not worked in the competition. You can not be excited. ” Pyeongchang Olympic champion Jamanka still wids her chance despite the residue. “The train is technically demanding. That’s why we will not see any four perfect runs from one person here,” said the borne Berliner.

German sled the sleek

For frosty -12.4 degrees, Nolte delivered two brutally fast rides. According to train record of 1: 01.04 minutes In the first round, the Winterberger pushed the best time in the second attempt to 1: 01.01 minutes – although she had just packed in the sled at the start. Important because Jamanka made a few small mistakes. After the first pass, Nolte’s lead had only 0.06 seconds. Striking: The slides of Nolte and Jamanka are clearly the fastest in the field, both loosely reached over 130 km / h.

On the bronze square is already 0.74 seconds back the American Elana Meyers Taylor. Vice-world Champion Kim Kalicki patzte alone in the second run four times and is located at 1.34 seconds only place in six place. Thus, the 24-year-old from Wiesbaden and Anschlister Lisa Buckwitz (Potsdam) probably only small opportunities on bronze. “If they are watching them in front of us, three are still possible with two very good rides,” Kalicki said.

Already after the first run, it seemed clear that Nolte and Jamanka have already found the optimal setting for their BOB. Kalicki, whose Bob Francesco Friedrich was gasty to his third Olympic victory, drove visually the best line with only one bug in curve four, but lost alone in the first over half a second on Nolte. That was all the more remarkable, since Nolte made several small Patzer in their run. Kalicki was apparently out of stock when choosing the runners.

Burghardt improves Jamanka’s starting times

Despite the Patzer, the Monobob-Fourth Nolte Railrage Record went and sat down to Jamanka. But the Olympic champion of Pyeongchang still has all the chances of gold, which also has to do with their new Anschlister Alexandra Burghardt. With Germany’s fastest sprinterer, which makes a trip to the ice channel for the winter games, Jamanka improved its start time compared to the past.

The discipline of two bob of women has only been Olympic since 2002, since Germany brought Germany twice. 2006 in Turin with Sandra Kiriasis and Anja Schneiderheinze, which is in Beijing as a jury member of the World Association IBSF on site. 2018 Jamanka and Buckwitz won surprisingly gold. Two medals in an Olympic race brought only 2002 Kiriasis with Ulrike Holzner and ex-rodler Susi Erdmann with Nicole Herschmann with silver and bronze.

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