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From QOOKKA GAMES, Fantasy RPG “Orient Arcadia” (below, Orika) for a smartphone scheduled to be released in April 2022. Closed beta testing takes place from last November and reported its pattern. Since some updates were made closely, there were several updates, so I would like to introduce the points of the game focusing on that information.

By the way, because the basic game system is introduced in the previous article, it would be appreciated that you can check it together.

● “Orient Arcadia” closed beta test play report! Your thrust is the strongest!? A fostering system without abandoned characters

# Many updates are also conducted for the second closed beta test

It is the second closed beta test of “Orika” where recruitment started from February 4 to February 10, but some updates are also conducted ahead. First of all, let’s share that information here.

■ ■ Newly added item

【1】 Luhuhime Skin Event added. After experiencing the story of Luhu Takehime, you can earn exclusive skin.

[2] Added to the official Discord. Moveable by tapping the “SNS” icon on the main home screen.

[3] Added an image with an image to each game system or tutorial.
[4] “Become stronger” is added to the game system. The improvement of the strength is more convenient and convenient.
[5] A new warlord invitation ticket pack is newly added. There are 10 warlord invitation tickets for 120 yen.
[6] Daily Equipment Pack is added. You can get the soldier × 120000 for 490 yen.
[7] The warlord exhibition function that can be set for the main character → the availability screen has been added.
[8] Added function to set dynamic illustrations of confessions on the main home

# # ■ Localization improvement item

[1] A new rubi has been added, and a noun and predicates such as warlords, sellers and stories have become easier to read.
[2] A conviction such as strange expressions and mistakes has been improved.
[3] Improved the uniformity of the term. In order to avoid misunderstandings during translation, we changed to maintain the uniformity of the same art.
[4] Improve the name of the random character. I replaced it with the name that fits the view of the world.
[5] The blacklist of the word was upgraded to make a comfortable chat experience.

# # Detail improvement and bug fix

[1] Improve the “Akatsuki” system. An explanation of the guide was added and the startup time of each function has faster.
[2] Improved the load process of the game body package. Background download is enabled by starting package loading from the first login.

Arena of Valor - First Look at Switch Beta
[3] Improved camp screen display and operation to make it easier to understand.
[4] Improved the character creation screen to improve the sense of immersion by visual production.
[5] Some functional screens and icons visuals were improved, and they have an integrated sense of overall design and uniformity.
[6] Seven promotion of event rewards changed from “Joatsumihime” to “Luhohime” and improved the task content.
[7] Change quest skip from “10 times” to “up to less than 5”.
[8] It became possible to up one level with one touch with “inscription”.
[9] Auto Clear function has been added to “Yellow Hestern Secret”.
[10] One-tap dispatch function was added to “Yellow Hasha Secret Dispatch Quest”.
[11] Added a one-tap training function to “soldiership marking”. A function of exhausting all the material in one time and raising the level was added.
[12] It became possible to place the camp with one touch on “Outing team”.
[13] If you present a one-time character at home, it has become possible to raise the favorable level 1.
[14] It became possible to board “” from the beginning.
[15] Changed “Zhanguwa Huke” and “RORTEASHE” to SSR and adjusted the bond.
[16] Some BUG repair and detail improvement were improved.

# A large number of familiar characters in Japan appeared oriental fantasy!

“Oriasa” is a normal boy (or a girl) from the world from the world of “Oriental Osteo”. She is a game of the world of view of the world where she knows her oriental palae with a mysterious power and encountered a brave hero one after another and saves life with them.

In this work, characters such as the Sansei Sanshin and Miba appeared. However, it is not meant to be the story based on the Three Kingdoms itself, but it is one of the attractive places where you can enjoy the story such as Orientary Fantasy with originality.

These are gradually revealed by promoting the game, but please actually try to play the game by actually what the story can be experienced.

# A famous illustrator or composer participates! Also pay attention to the voices by popular voice Yuji

There are many parts that can not be cleared at this time, but in the smartphone application area, a long-lived illustrator is in charge of the picture, and the famous composer who has been able to handle Japan’s representative RPG is also in charge of BGM. As for these information, look forward to future follow-up. Also, I think that there are already many people already know, but the voice actors who are in charge of the voice are also luxurious. Official Twitter , the interview video of the appearances is also released, so let’s follow so as not to miss it!

# # ■ Luxurious voice Yuan list

Akina, Ishikari, Mr. Shoho Ishida, Akiho, Ishida, Ishida, Ishida, Imai, Imai, Naoki Imai, Ayuku Nao, Ayuki Enko, Aoi Owa, Aoi Onodera, Aoi Onoji Mr. Hirobu, Hiho Kawada, Yuko Kawada, Yuko Shimon, Kuri Hanami, Koishiya Ami, Sakai Saito, Sakai Sakai, Sakurai Sakai, Takaya Sakurai, Takeshi Sakurai Mr. Nobunaga Shimada, Sakita Tomoi, Tomoko Tatsushi, Hiroshi Tajima, Haruka Tomatsu, Hiroko Torai, Nakamura, Miko Nakamura, Hanasaki Hanasawa, Hajime Hajima, Hayami Mr. Kohisa, Horita, Horiuchi, Maeda Keita, Matsuoka Yohe-san, Miyase Yuya-san

# Personality that colors the world of games

Many characters appear in “Oriasa”, but here are pickup and introducing major people.

【Shima 懿】
Person tag: I’m caught
Subreitial: 魏 師 師
Overview: Ambitious. He hides his ambition to fulfill his dates and got under Cao. He knows all the members and all the members who include their own, and I like white and black like white and black. He has a shiny side and always keeps your own desire.

【姫 姫】
Person tag: Cool gap
Subject: Stronger who kills the martial arts and martial arts
Overview: Musashi’s daughter. She loses her mother at a young age and was raised in her father (Ryofu). She wants to recognize her father’s loving because she is severely punish her father if there is a little negligence to martial art training. As her enemies, it is safe to leave her behind her if it is her friend. She is a delicate body, but the amount of diet is 3 times the adult.

【Zhang 遼】
Person tag: absolute strong and animals like
Subreitial: 魏
Summary: A silent general. He has a force equivalent to hundreds alone on the battlefield. It is grown in the flock of wolf and chilled the heart from human beings. Since I met Ryofu, I knew her strength weight to pursue her true strength.

[Zhang Warf Huke]
Person tag: Yandere, mysterious
Subject: Killing of Tenbunshi
Overview: A girl raised as a murder machine. She has killed her opponent as playing, and felt her opponent and felt fear and felting and finally prefers to cut off her neck with her huge wolf. She seemed that the arms of the assassination can not be satisfied with her care of her in her life while her life.

【Thang no Uta】
Person tag: Tsundere · attendant
Subreitial: Zhang Fei Daughter
Lively girl. She has a place where she is a fellow who first encounters her, but there are places where she can not be felt intensely, but she really has a good feeling for the hero. She puts me something about her care.

【蔡 姫 姫】
Person tag: Epicated temperament and healing
Subject: Doctor in Kiyogawa County
Overview: A doctor girl with a blindness. She is longer in talking with reading and beasts, and her blue little birds are always served beside her. She has overcome the darkness of the world, but she still keeps her kind heart. She is looking at people but with a heart.

# All characters can grow up to the highest reatle!

Social games for smartphones are a high-reatle character that can only be obtained with a gacha. However, there are many people who want to grow your favorite characters, regardless of the performance provided on the game side. In order to advance the game, it is normal to emphasize the rarity, but in this work, there is no need to worry about it.

In “Orika”, all the upper bounds of the characters available during the game are the same, and it is possible to grow up to the highest reatle. The only difference between the gallectors is the skill effect. It is also the attraction of “Orika” that you can grow the character who wanted to use it.

Although various factors are prepared for the character’s fostering element, various elements such as level experience value and equipment exactness are prepared, but all this can be inherited to other heroes by one touch. In other words, it is possible that the newly used hero comes out and you can easily replace the member, and you can quickly make it possible.

# Pre-registration can also start with luxury rewards according to the number of registrants!

Pre-registration of this work was also started ahead of the release. This is a mechanism that rewards are luxurious according to the number of registrants. The lottery is performed at Official Twitter account , so it is recommended to follow. Anyway, let’s have a pre-registration now!

# # Preceding reward list

Number of people All Presents Twitter Following & Retweet Campaign
50,000 people breaking Genta x 500 pieces Amagii 1000 yen × 20
100,000 people breaking Genta x 1000 pieces Amagiuif 1000 yen × 30
20,000 people breaking Genta x 1000 pieces + warlord sum summoning ticket x 10 Amagii 1000 yen × 40
300,000 people breakthrough SSR warlords fixed ticket Nintendo Switch (organic EL model)
400,000 people break limited Icon Frame iPhone 13 Pro 256GB Sierra Blue × 1 Name

※ Due to the number of pre-registrants, we will draw a lottery at the official Twitter . Please check the details Official Twitter Account **
※ It is possible to draw a piece of gacha once with 250 phonas

# Game Overview

Title: Orient Arcadia Genre: Fantasy RPG Supported model: smartphone Release Date: Scheduled to deliver April 2022 Official Twitter: Official Discord: http: // Teaser site: Apple store: Google Store: Id = © 2021 qookka Entertainment Limited.

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