Sun. May 28th, 2023

CD project RED announced today that Cyberpunk 2077 has just received a new and free update with which player receive the Next-Gen version of the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 title – and that the original platform versions further improve and further improves and Extended.

Thanks to Patch 1.5, Cyberpunk 2077 uses the additional capacity of the latest generation of console hardware and enables rayTracing features and 4K with dynamic scaling to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, faster charging times and a variety of other visual and technical improvements. On the PlayStation 5, the game will also use the adaptive trigger and haptic feedback functions of the dualSense controller.

Next-Gen launch trailer:

Patch 1.5 – Next Generation Update

The studio has also published two videos with Gameplay material from Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. If you want to try the game before buying, you can do this with the help of a free, temporary Next-Gen demo version available for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. The trial will be available for 30 days, until 15 March, 5pm CET, and players give the opportunity to continue their adventure after purchase.

Likewise, players who have started their game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can transfer their scores to the respective Next Gen version. Details about the transmission process is available on the update website.

The new update also brings a variety of changes and improvements for all versions of Cyberpunk 2077. These range from other performance and stability optimizations to optimizations on the gameplay and the economy, the open world of the game, the card usage to new interactions for relationships and a revised fixer system.

In addition, new free additional content has been integrated, including rentable apartments, new equipment, character adjustment options and more. Details about the new content is available in the German patch Notes:

Update 1.5 patch notes

Exclusively on Next-Gen consoles

  • Raytracing for local shadows has been added.
  • Own support for trophies / successes on next-generation consoles has been implemented. Note: Since the Next Gen version uses a different SKU, PlayStation trophies that have been obtained from backward compatibility can not be transmitted. Xbox successes appear automatically in the new version thanks to the “Xbox Smart Delivery” features.
  • Two new graphics modes were introduced on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X: “Performance” and “RayTracing”.
  • Performance mode ensures liquid gameplay at 60 fps with dynamic 4k scaling.
  • RayTracing mode allows the photorealistic rendering of shadows and reflections as well as a gameplay at 30 fps with dynamic 4K scaling.
  • The version for Xbox Series S has no graphics modes to choose from. By default, 30 fps are available in 1440p with dynamic scaling of the resolution.
  • Improvements in performance significantly reduce the number of FPS crashes and increase rendering quality.
  • HDR was balanced to be equivalent to all platforms.
  • Various graphics improvements.
  • Using adaptive triggers on PS5 controllers has been made possible.

  • Haptic feedback is now adapting to the activities in the game.

  • The built-in speaker of the controller is now used for holo calls, text messages and everything that goes in vs head.

  • Activity cards for PS5 were added.

  • Spanish sound output is now available in the Americas (PlayStation Codes: CUSA-16596 and CUSA-16597). Due to technical restrictions, it is only available on Next-Gen consoles. Further details on supporting various language outputs can be found here: Xbox, PlayStation.
  • On PlayStation 5 is now spatial audio for headphones and TV speakers with 3D audio available thanks to Tempest 3D Audiotech for PS5.

Bonus content

  • The bonus content is available for players on all platforms.


Apartments can be rented (against a one-time fee), either directly at your location in Night City or through the ezestates website you can reach on the computer in VS Apartment in Megage Building H10. They are available as soon as you have completed the quest Playing for time. It is possible to rent all apartments at the same time. You can access the same camp in all apartments.

In addition, there is the option to transform VS Standard Apartment in Megage Building H10 via the ezestates website for $ 10,000 $.

  • Northside, Watson ($ 5,000 $)
  • Japantown, Westbrook (15.000 € $)
  • The Glen, Heywood (40,000 € $)
  • Corpo Plaza, city center (55,000 € $)

Certain interactions in the apartments grant V a temporary buff:

  • Showers – gives V for one hour the status “Refreshed”.

Refreshed: allows regeneration of health in combat. As a result, the health regenerates from alone to up to 60% of maximum health.

With the advantage of “regeneration”, health regeneration increases by 20% in the fight by 20% and the threshold of health regeneration by 20%.

  • Sleep in bed – regenerates health and gives v for one hour the status “rested”.

Rested: get + 20% skill XP.

  • Cook coffee – gives V for a long hour the status “Hellwach”.

Hellwach: + 25% Max. Stamina, +30% regeneration.

Change appearance

  • You can now customize certain aspects of your appearance (such as hair, make-up, piercings etc.) if you use the mirror in one of your apartments or safehouses. This option is free and can be used as often as you want. The character adjustment now also offers even more options for make-up and hair colors. Mirror Mirror on the wall …

What’s new at Wilson?

You can buy new items in Wilson’s business “2nd Amendment” in the megage building H10 or find them with your exploration of Night City.

  • 2 New Weapons: Darra Polytechnic Umbra (Power Storm Rifle), Budget Arms Guillotine (Power Machine Gun)
  • 4 new riflescobes: Kang Tao Jue (long riflescope), Tsunami Gaki (riflescope for sniper rifle), Arasaka Kanetsugu (short riflescope), Handyman (short riflescope)

New type of weapons: muzzle brakes! 10 new mouth brakes are now available:

  • 5 for handguns (RC-7 IFRIT, RC-7 LIGER, RC-7 dybbuk, RC-7 Kutrub, RC-7 Babaroga)
  • 5 for Storm Guns & Machine Guns (RC-7 Aswang, RC-7 Varkolak, RC-7 Zaar, RC-7 Yokai, RC-7 Strigoi)

New poses in photom mode

  • We have added new poses for photo mode, including own poses for Johnny Silverhand (available only in Flashback scenes when players playing as Johnny).

Living city fight-ki

  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements in combat KI and the reactions of NPCs in the near and ranging, inter alia, coverage, positioning, reloading, equipping weapons, dodging, blocking and more.
  • Numerous improvements for triggering mutilations, responses for hits and death animations, so close and remote fights are more impressive.
  • Enemies are now better to avoid and block (Kerenzikov) attacks. The harder a weapon is, the easier it is to meet. The opposite applies when dodging.
  • The behavior in the near and fang combat from various fractions was further differentiated: daring, aggressive, balanced, defensive and careful.
  • Pursuers now make more fight, but can be defeated and temporarily turned off when they do enough damage.
  • Numerous bug fixes and adjustments of the balance in Netrunner combat behavior.

Improvements for crowds

  • Aggressive behavior of crowds: Some NPC archetypes will attack the player if they are provoked by goals, shooting or fighting. Due to technical restrictions, this change is not available on the older generation consoles.
  • Waiting has an influence on present NPCs and resets the status of devices, environments and certain scenes.
  • The reactions, routes and the paws of crowds have been improved.

Driving mode

  • Try our new “Burn Out” mode! Hold gas + brakes to activate it, and control to turn the vehicle. The old system only enabled turning on the spot; Experiment now with the control to see what everything is possible! Now you can drive spectacular maneuvers, drift, turn rapidly and bring the asphalt to glow. The system will now also work at higher speeds, so you can slow down and gas while turning to oversteer with most cars. Player on the keyboard can optionally use the secondary key assignment of the arrow keys (some keyboards ignore the third key press, if you use only WASD), but controllers allow the best control over the system (as controller generally offer the driver experience, which is preferred by most players ).
  • The new braking system offers uniform performance throughout all speeds. Added simulation of an anti-lock system. All vehicle brakes were adapted to the new model.
  • Motor simulation improved. Added coupling simulation. These changes improve the resistance of the motor when switching, so that unwanted spinning of the wheels can be avoided.
  • Transmission simulation improved. Improvements in the downshift. The downshift is now more realistic and when transferring a better system is applied so that the engine is running perfectly. The change between forward and backwards has been completely redesigned so that J-Turns / Rockfords are now possible.
  • Motorcycles have been improved. The above improvements make them more stable in handling. In addition, improvements have been added to the controller and they have been newly tuned.
  • Tuning improvements in different cars. The Quadra Type 66 (all models, especially the Avenger), the Mizutani Shion (especially the MZ2), the Herrera Outlaw and the standard Maimai, all improved in terms of control and more.
  • The EGO perspective was adjusted for all vehicles if necessary. In addition, nomadic vehicles with “Crystal Dome” technology are now digital objects that block the view.

Vehicle traffic

  • Graphic enhancements in traffic: turns and suspensions.
  • Panic reaction at danger: Motorists can now drive in traffic panicked from danger. NPC front passenger can die in car accidents in the future.
  • Reactions on sheet metal damage: There are now different reactions of vehicles when bouncing together with them, and they then sort up seamlessly in traffic.

Gameplay BALANCE

  • Various changes to the game economy, including higher rewards for missions and activities in the Open World and lower prices for vehicles and cyberware.
  • The functionality of clothing mods has been improved and reassigned. The number of clothing available for clothing has been adjusted. Mods were assigned categories so that they can now only be used for certain clothing items. Therefore, all equipped mods were moved back to your inventory. On the inventory screen you can work again after the new rules.
  • The difficulty “light” is now a little challenging.
  • 2 new values ​​were introduced to replace evasion: Chance for damage reduction and amount of damage reduction. Chance for damage reduction determines how often suffered damage to the player is reduced. The amount of damage reduction determined by what percentage of the damage is reduced (by default 50%).
  • Components that previously enhance evidence now have an impact on damage reduction. Examples: The Reflective Attribute, Advantages such as Munion, Vanishing point Night City, Human Shield, Certain Clothing Mods and Cyberware, etc.
  • Effects with persistent damage have been renamed, with usually effects with primary damage such as burning, bleeding and poisoning were attenuated.
  • The chance of disturbing the trajectory of smart balls with the ability “luminous tattoos” of Tyger Claws was reduced.
  • There is now an unobtrusive way to escape the NCPD when hell is going on. Instead of having to flee a certain distance from the recent crime scene, V can also hide in the search area; However, it takes longer until the police give up the search.


  • Unused Cyberware can now be sold at Ripperdocs.
  • The cooldown is now listed correctly in the Tooltip for the Cyberware “Blood Pump”.
  • The hack “position is priced” can now be interrupted by hurting the netrunner or immunity through the Cyberware “personal ice”.
  • When activating berserk you now get double stamina rather than infinite endurance.
  • Stunning ammunition in the rocket launch system has no influence on non-human NPCs now.
  • The number of crosslocks for the legendary ballistic coprocessor was reduced to 1, but now he gives a bonus of 50% on the damage of transverse wars.
  • The MOD “Airbare Generator” (Kiroshi Optics) has been changed to “Hazard analysis” and now gives a chance for damage reduction of 2%. Damage reduction gives a certain opportunity to reduce damage suffered, by a percentage that is determined by the amount of damage reduction (by default 50%).
  • The Cyberware “Optical Camouflage” of V now stops (increases 5/10/15 to 10/15/15 depending on rarity).
  • Some NPCs now also have the “Optical Camouflage” ability.
  • Even if “optical camouflage” is active, V is now visible when the player grabs an opponent.
  • An error has been fixed where certain Cyberware mods could not be equipped at the same time.


  • Various improvements in combat ki ensure a generally better gaming experience in the fight.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements are now ensuring less interruptions and let NPC animations in the fight of liquid run (, etc. Animations for attacks, death, equipigating weapons, coverage, response, reloading, blocking and dodging). Weapons now have a powerful feeling feel, crowds can be easily controlled and the graphic is more spectacular.
  • Opponents now take tactically cheaper positions as intended.
  • The accuracy of pursuers has been improved.
  • It was reduced by the player by explosions.
  • Errors have been fixed where NPCs from the same group or faction do not interfere with the fight when they saw their fellow combatants in a combat situation.
  • An error has been fixed where NPCs did not show the intended response if they were hit by a grenade at the beginning of the fight.
  • Opponents with shotguns try in battle now to stay close to the player.
  • Fighting of opponents now have visual effects.
  • Opponents with fighting stims are now using these only if their health is falling below 30%, so they use them less than rarer.
  • The visual complexity of opposing combat behavior has been increased in the low frame rate mode.
  • An error has been fixed by which the combat mode could be triggered during the wheel.
  • An error has been fixed through which the player could be thrown down by a hammer attack, although the weapon did not touch him.
  • NPCs that use both near and ranged weapons now change significantly faster between the two.


  • Quickhack “Cyberpsychosis” can no longer be applied to cyberpsychos.
  • An error has been fixed in which deactivation of a camera with a quickhack of enemy quickhacks that have not been uploaded on said camera did not interrupt.
  • An error has been fixed in which the status effect “hacked” remained permanently persistently, so Netrunner V could not chop again.
  • An error has been fixed in which NPCs do not approach the position of V in some cases after the quick hack “whistle”.

Items & Devices

  • The bonus items in the warehouse (2 DLC jackets + 4 registry rewards) now have a new operation:

  • From now on these objects after a certain number of upgrades, the rarity is increased.

Cyberpunk 2077 НЕКСТ-ГЕН: сравнение ДО и ПОСЛЕ, поведение NPC, физика машин (Каким стал Cyberpunk?)
– A simple scheme has been added for each individual (rarity: rarely). The list of available schemes is updated in existing storage devices to implement this change.

  • Players can now turn on and off devices while wearing an NPC.
  • An error has been fixed where the animations of elevator doors sometimes did not play properly so that the player could see beyond the limits of the game world.


  • The health of the opponents in beat on the brat was reduced, except for the twins – you can now avoid attacks / you block, so that the level of difficulty depends rather from the battle skill.
  • Woodman usually uses the same AJAX rifle, which one can also caught by him. In addition, he will not be a boss anymore, but a standard opponent.
  • The behavior of NPCs in the boss fighting against Sasquatch, Oda, Adam Smasher, Royce and the opponents in beat on the brat has been corrected.
  • An error has been fixed where NPCS VS could not penetrate defense in close fighting.
  • Clipping error with TakeDowns from the air of V and NPCs have been fixed.
  • Melee attacks with turns and kicks are now only possible with fast, skilled opponent archetypes.
  • Experience points for “fighting machine” are no longer awarded when you do opponents and has no active combat machine effect. The number of experience points for “battle machine”, which are awarded for the completing of opponents, now depends on the number of active combat machine stacks.
  • Clipping errors when packing opponents from a crouched position were fixed.
  • Enemies with shotguns now align more damage.
  • Opponents take V now rarely, while just a finisher is performed.
  • The damage of NPC snipers has been increased.
  • Snipers can still shoot now while they remove from their destination.
  • Vs companions stumbling no longer over corpses.
  • The stamina of NPCs has been renamed.
  • NPCs crushed by a vehicle and can not escape after a while.
  • VS Death animations when packing a NPCs were corrected.
  • An error has been fixed, in which Security employee, bouncers and police officers could have a pending bounty.
  • Some mistakes have been fixed where NPCs appeared in T-Pose.
  • An error has been fixed where NPCs did not cause status effects, even though they could do this.
  • Enemy with the ability “Kerenzikov” now have 15% less health to compensate for improved dodging.


  • Different advantages were changed and partly set to another location in the skill tree. Therefore, all your advantage points were reset. In the advantage screen you can redistribute your favorite points for free.
  • The following advantages have been changed:
  • High voltage, human shield, epimorphosis, fighting machine, killer machine, cutting edge.
  • Replace the following new benefits older:
    • Good cooperation (increases the damage you cause while you wear someone.) -> Will -> Tenacious V (health regeneration is not interrupted by enemy hits.)
    • indestructible (increases the maximum number of stacks fighting machine by 1.) -> becomes too -> easier way out (if the fighting machine is active, the damage with ranged weapons increases by 10% (Level 1) or 20% (Level 2) against opponents In a range of 5 meters.)
    • Phantom command (you can not be discovered under water.) -> becomes -> eyes (head goal with throwing blades prove the destination with diaphragms.)
    • Stiller finisher (opponents whose health is below 15% are immediately neutralized by knife attacks.) -> becomes -> Juggling Talent (if you defuse an opponent by means of a throw knife or a critical hits Landest, the cooldown ends on all knives immediately. )
    • Lightning (increases the critical hit chance with tech weapons by 3%.) -> becomes -> Way foresight (show you a preview of the exact trajectory of crosslangers when you go with power weapons and the cyberware “ballistic coprocessor “Is installed.)
  • Due to the above-mentioned changes, we have renamed the skill tree “Stealth” in “Ninjutsu”, as this is better describing the advantages contained now.
  • The bonuses for 200% efficiency, engineering and innovation are now dynamic. They are applied to already produced weapons and garments. The distributing of advantage points removes the bonuses as intended.

Player mechanics

  • V can now jump through cracked glass / climb / sprint.
  • An error has been fixed, through which V could land in a box in walls or outside the game world when taking an opponent.


  • An error has been fixed in which vehicles could spawn spawn, which either exploded or thrown into the air.
  • An error has been fixed in which the takeover of a vehicle could lead to a hostile NPC that it remained clipped through the roof and in the vehicle.
  • An error has been fixed in which vehicles could detect after loading a storage level in the air. Now they simply fall down, just like normal, boring cars.


  • Throwing knife were revised – Knives are not lost after throwing, but automatically return to a defined cooldown (depending on the rarity of the knives). In addition, throwing knives can be canceled, whereby the cooldown is reset.
  • The iconic knife “Stinger” is now equivalent to VS Level if you get it.
  • The projectiles of smart weapons are now equally fast as at the Kang Tao G-58 in different weapons; As a result, the player has a better feeling for the speed and the impact.
  • The range of firearms with silencer was increased from 3 m to 8 m.
  • The value “reduced endurance costs when attacking” from melee weapons now works as intended.
  • The Waffen Mods “Crunch”, “Cold Shoulder” and “Pax” now increase the damage of the weapon for a percentage.
  • The minimum level for melee weapons now increases with each upgrade.
  • Note: The level of improved melee weapons is adjusted due to this change. Equipped weapons for which you do not have the minimum level can continue to be used, but if you leave them, you have to wait until you reach the minimum level before you can eat it again.
  • The values ​​of the DR5 Nova, which you get in the quest stadium love, are now adapted to vs levels.
  • Crusher can no longer be used in the shooting competition in the quest shoot to thrill.
  • For the bottles in Cassidys Challenge in We Gotta Live Together, there is now a target detection aid to facilitate playing with a controller.

User interface

  • Various improvements for user-friendliness for the map, etc.. Size changes for symbols, new tooltips and new filters. These include a dynamic filter depending on the zoom as well as a customizable filter that the player can adjust at will.
  • The “waiting” interface was redesigned. This makes it easier to change between different times of day, and it is displayed until when you are waiting for exactly.
  • The graphics for different riflescopes has been updated with new animations; In addition, the view is now clearer.
  • Fields, notifications and pop-ups on the user interface are now easier readable and the graphic was standardized.
  • There is now a new notification about the name of the song when it starts on the radio.
  • When entering a vehicle, its name is now shown in HUD.
  • The values ​​of items in the warehouse are displayed as intended in your tooltips.
  • The crosshair when throwing knives was adjusted.
  • In addition to the health gauge, a meter for buffs has been added to show how many stacks of a specific status effect are currently active.
  • The navigation with the control cross on different screens and display has been improved.
  • A missing description has been added to Wakako’s entry in the database.
  • I Fought The Law – The display of the control box has been improved to guarantee better feedback with interactions.
  • An error has been fixed in which the mouse cursor has not been properly adapted to different resolutions.
  • An error has been fixed in which the target area of ​​the fast journey could appear before the load screen disappeared. No spoilers more, Choomba!
  • An error has been fixed where the edge of tutorial windows was visible in menus.
  • An error has been fixed where the game could freeze when a splitter opened directly when picking up and then closed immediately.
  • An error has been fixed where the loading beams stuck on the screen.


  • In Night City, a few new secrets have been added, the players can now discover. Due to technical restrictions, this change is not available on the older generation consoles.
  • The romances with Panam, Kerry, River and Judy were expanded through new news and interactions.
  • Interactions in the home of the romantic partners have been added, etc. Can V can now sleep with his partner in bed.
  • Holo calls from fixes with order info as well as Holo calls from the NCPD dispatcher can now be switched muted. This will automatically skip the call and you will receive a text message instead. You can customize this feature in Settings -> Gameplay -> Holo Calls. By default, the NCPD dispatcher is muted, but not fixer.
  • Players can also reject Holo calls that are not essential for the plot. A message appears on the screen where players can accept or reject the Holo Call. If you reject the call, you will instead receive a text message.
  • The Holo Call System has been improved so that does not accumulate several Holo calls when the first call loads too slow.
  • Night City nightlife has been improved by making music in clubs louder.
  • An error has been fixed in which the distorted graphics effect could continue on the return from the Cyberspace.
  • An error has been fixed where River immediately ruled when you called it. So something rude!
  • Automatic Love – Lizzie’s Bar is always open to the right times.
  • Beat on the roar – The separate journal entries for each fight appear only after the player found the fights.
  • Beat on the brat – v can not equip in fists no longer previously dropped weapons.
  • Beat on the brat: The Glen – An error has been fixed where El Cesar V asked in a message even if he / she takes good care of the car if V did not even accept it.
  • Coin Operated Boy – Theo despawnt no longer at the destination “say with theo.”.
  • Disasterpiece – An error has been fixed where V after receiving the XBD could not get in the van to talk to Judy.
  • Todschick – An error has been fixed in which the Thorton Colby lacked.
  • Epistrophy – The separate journal entries for the delamains appear only after the player found them.
  • Epistrophy – new comments have been added for the delamain taxi after completing the quest if the option “Free” or “merge” has been selected.
  • EX-Factor – An error has been fixed where Judy never called to start the quest.
  • Ex-Factor – An error has been fixed where Judy did not spawn on the balcony of the Cloud, whereby the quest could not continue.
  • EX-FACTOR – If the player Maikos pistol “Death and Taxes” did not capture during the quest, he can now find them in another place.
  • I Fought The Law – V can no longer wait in Rivers car while an important scene with Detective Han is in progress.
  • Killing in the name – When hacking the router, the MiniGame is displayed correctly even if V does not equip Cybereck.
  • Life During Wartime – An error has been fixed by which the target “Scan the vehicle traces.” Sometimes displayed in another location.
  • M’ap Tann Pelen – An error has been fixed in which the NPCs in the butchery did not spawn, which has been blocked further progress.
  • M’AP Tann Pelen – A rare mistake has been fixed where placides was even unfriendly than usual and refused to speak with Rolland with V.
  • Off the leash – a few of the fans at the concert of Kerry and US cracks were really indignantly that other people have imitated their outfits, so that was changed.
  • PISCES – An error has been fixed where V Hiromis Apartment could not leave if he / she in the elevator to the maintenance area someone called.
  • Riders on the Storm – An error has been fixed in which player could not speak with Panam and Mitch under certain circumstances.
  • Search and destroy – An error has been fixed in which the next main quest did not appear after completing this quest.
  • Sweet dreams – the quest does not appear again in the journal with the destination “say with Stefan.” If V originally rejected the offer and then get back the money for Stefan’s Braindance.
  • The customer – the Braindance tutorial can now be skipped.
  • These boots Are made for walking – vs old car is not missing anymore.
  • With A Little Help from My Friends – An error has been fixed where Panam did not consult after completion of Riders on the Storm to start this quest.

Open World

  • V now has a call to the fixes of Night City. New orders from fixers now gradually appear when your call will improve, and fixers offer you the next sentence orders only if you have completed the previous orders in a district.
  • You will receive a special reward when you conclude all orders for a fixer (with the exception of Mr. Hands – who has all the hands with other things to do). If you go with the cursor about the symbol of a fixer on the map, you can see how far you are with his orders and how your reputation looks at him.
  • The crowds and groups in Night City are now different for day and night times. NPC talks in all districts are now available and have more variations.
  • _ Overflow in progress in Charter Hill – An error has been fixed that made the cancellation of evidence impossible._
  • _ Overfall in progress in Corpo Plaza – An error has been fixed in which the quest could not be continued if the player collapsed the evidence before he went to Heywood._
  • _ Overfall in Strange in Kabuki – An error has been fixed where the quest has been displayed on the map after completing the Prophet’s song._
  • Ort: Eilming message – An error has been fixed where the truck fell into the ground, which blocks further progress. Note: The vehicle spawns now after you have nourished the garage, even if the mark shows below the earth.
  • _Ort: Family eruptors – An error has been fixed where the order was not started when you approached the marker, but on “Undiscovered” stuck.
  • _ Order: Press freedom – The quest no longer fails when entering the TV studio building._
  • Ort: farewell party – An error has been fixed where the car spawned underground. If this error has occurred in your game, you may have to accompany Flavio first, so that the car spawnt.
  • Ort: Test canbar – An error has been fixed in which the elevator was locked at the hotel, which has been blocked by further progress.
  • Ort: Life Work – An error has been fixed where the car is not or not really spawn.
  • Order: The Lord gives and the Lord takes – the off-road vehicle spawnt now as planned.
  • _ Crimping message: paranoia – it is now easier to climb up to the building and find the hiding place._
  • Cyberpsycho-Attack: Smoke on the Water – An error has been fixed in which “Search the van. [Optional] “remained as the last destination and the quest could not be completed.

Graphic, sound, animations, visual design

  • The appearance of and interaction with water have been improved. Waves and water splashes are caused with different events such as the collision with objects or shots.
  • The visual effect of rain on vehicle windows has been improved. Raindrops do not be afraid of falling from the sky.
  • Neon rims for motorcycles have been added. You can turn it on and off with the E button (or by pressing the left stick on a controller).
  • The graphic for the cyberware “Optical Camouflage” has been improved. If Johnny had had 2023 this cyberware, he could have secretly dominated his mini atomic bomb.
  • An error has been fixed where some subtitles of Johnny’s dialog lines remained on the screen.
  • AVS is no longer flying through buildings.

Environment and Level

  • The weather system has been improved so that weather changes are now logical and only under certain conditions.
  • The crowd of booty was greatly reduced so that players can focus more on enjoying scenes from quests and the world themselves.

Stability and Performance

  • The HDD mode now has an automatic option. When this is enabled, the mode automatically discoveres on which hard drive the game is installed and improves when necessary loading data and activity of crowds at the expense of variety in crowds, more charging screens and fewer details on the streets, as long as you quickly Ferry.
  • The Algorithm AMD FidelityFX ™ Super Resolution (FSR) 1.0 has been added and replaces Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS). On the PC, this option can be activated in Settings -> Graphics -> Scaling of the Resolution. On consoles, this option can not be configured.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements of stability for general optimization.

on PC

  • A benchmark mode has been added. You will find him under Settings -> Start benchmark.
  • For playing with keyboard, the option “Go On / Off” has been added. It can be activated when exploring the G key. The keys binding can be changed in the settings.
  • Transparent reflections on the glossy varnish of some cars were made possible by raytracing.
  • Variable Rate Shading (VRS) has been activated. This feature improves performance and graphics quality by varying the shading rate at different locations of the image. It is only available on compatible hardware.
  • An error has been fixed in which the scaling of the resolution was blocked on AMD graphics cards when RayTracing was enabled.
  • Support for graphics cards The “NVIDIA 700” series has been set: Since there is no more support for the video drivers, we have set the minimum system requirements for NVIDIA graphics cards to the GTX 970. That does not mean that the game is no longer running on the 700 cards, but only that we do not test it on these graphics cards.
  • Windows 7: Future Support: Due to the technical restrictions on non-native implementation of DirectX 12 on Windows 7 and the setting of the support (or limited support) for video drivers, future gaming updates will not become Windows 7 after 15 June 2022. Support more. If the game with patches is updated after this date, it could be that the game is no longer functional.

on consoles

  • Portuguese (Brazil) is now available on digital specimens of the game in Portugal (PlayStation Codes: CUSA-18278 and CUSA-18279). Further details on supporting various language outputs can be found here: Xbox, PlayStation.
  • Storage levels can now be transferred from PS4 to PS5. Instructions can be found here.
  • An error has been fixed where VS mouth and hair could be seen in the ego perspective.


  • The scale of the field of view has been adapted to the other platforms.

And these are just the highlights, choom! This patch still contains much more improvements and bug fixes, so it’s best just a look!

By publishing patch 1.5 – Cyberpunk 2077 is now available for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 as a free upgrade for the current owners of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions or as a stand-alone purchase.

By Todd7

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