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“We make Esport charitable”, promise SPD, Alliance 90 / the Greens and FDP in the coalition agreement of 24 November 2021. Most will overlook the small sentence, but he could trigger a tremendous change for the scene.

Esport says competitive gambling, with everything that belongs to: with competitive pressure, with spectators and of course with money. This can hardly be compared to a round “FIFA-Zock” on the home couch, but should therefore be officially considered sport? This has been discussing politics, esport scene and sports landscape for several years – so far without consensus.

As early as 2018, the agreement of the governing parties included the recognition of the escort. In conversations and discussions, the responsible benevolises signaled – one recognizes the potential of the scene – but in decision-making, however, the Federal Government hid behind the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) and its positioning: ESPORT is not a sport.

The justification is based on several factors. The addiction danger and thus the health risk are too high, the scene is too commercially oriented and many games violent. Thus, the ESPORT does not fit the ethical principles of the association. Decisive are also missing “self-motive, sports-determining movements”. Or short: Esportler move too little according to DOSB. A recording in the association was excluded accordingly because it would distort the existing picture of sports.

ESBD sees advantages of the eSport

Contrary to the DOSB ideals the ESPORT-Bund Germany positions itself (ESBD). The representative of the organized eSport urges a recognition. Not only because this would improve the social position, but also due to financial advantages: If a discipline such as ESPORT recognizes as a sport, their clubs according to German law are considered a non-profit and may accept donations, volunteers can pay better and must pay less taxes.

Although the Federal Government could be adapted to adaptation of the duty code over the DOSB, as a stimulated institution, the word of the association has high weight. Accordingly, it should be clear: a guarantee is not the sentence in the new coalition agreement.

“The ESPORT requires more hand-eye coordination as table tennis.”

Prof. Ingo Froböse, Sporthochschule Cologne

Professor Dr. Ingo Froböse from the Sportschool Cologne supports the opinion of the ESBD. It argues with the high number of precise movements – up to 400 creates an esportler per minute on mouse and keyboard. That’s an “extreme performance and require more hand-eye coordination as sports such as table tennis”. Frobless also found out in his research that the psychic burden of a professional rock is at the level of a race driver. That’s why he advocates a promotion.

The ESBD also introduces its own arguments in addition to the findings of frolic. The association always emphasizes the competitor spirit and the potential of ESPORTS: this would increase media competence, helping for addiction prevention to promote youth, bring a business thrust with them. In order for this potential to develop, the recovery associated with the recognition is instrumental.

It would be a great failure to deny these structures to the espport. “

Christopher Flato, ESBD vice president

ESBD ​​Vice President Christopher Flato: “The club structure is the backbone in the performance for young people. Values ​​such as integrity and fair play are taught, and it would be a great failure to deny the ESPORT world of these structures. Therefore, we challenge the charity for clubs ESPORT reference. “

Striving for recognition - Lee Marshallsay: Part 1

The last subset indicates a further advantage of non-profit: legal certainty for sports clubs. Because in addition to pure esport clubs, other clubs have become increasingly dared to the digital world last decade. They want to make an innovative way. Without recognition, however, the loss of non-profit is threatened to them – a risk of existence for smaller clubs.

Professional associations store their ESPORT departments. Esport clubs have found a detour for non-employee over youth promotion. However, they are limited to young players, which is why this is not considered a long-term alternative.

A solution can come solely by the Federal Government. If it recognizes them as sports – regardless of the DOSB – as a sport, thus goes hand in the charitable nature. At the same time, it would make the idealistic concept term.

But there would also be a second possibility: the government would receive the ESPORT separately into the tax code, would be helped without the DOSB. Although the ESPORT would not have the desired recognition as a sport, but would still apply as a non-profit.

By Karin

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